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I hate Eastern Standard Time.  It sucks and it screws me up every year.  I don’t mind going to work in the dark.  I go there to sleep anyhow so I don’t see the problem.  When I come home, however, I want it to be light out!  I NEED it to be light out.

02_07_2007 001

(typical winter)

You see, this isn’t a small thing to me.  I hate winter.  I grew up in the snow belt in PA off of Lake Erie.  We got tons of snow when I was a kid.  We played in the snow every day.  We skied and snowmobiled and wrote our names in the snow. We ate snow (never yellow snow), we drank snow…snow was our life.  When I was a kid, I enjoyed the snow.  But, despite what Emily says, I am an adult now.  I am so over snow and cold and winter.  There is just nothing at all good about it.


(this is one of our kids stuck in the snow but I don’t know which)

My people all try to say that I am a Northern boy and that I should embrace my inner Yeti.  Of course, I remind them that I spent the first year of my life in the South and the 20 after I left home in the South.  I am a Southern boy.  We like warm down here y’all…and we like sun and warm and sweet tea and warm.

02_07_2007 010

(clearly the snow limited sunlight have made her crazy)

So, Eastern Standard Time, or EST as the abbreviators like to say, means the end of summer and light and heat to me.  It screws me up every year, but fear not…when we return to Eastern Daylight Time, or the Right Time as I like to call it, I will return to being civil and human and nice.

02_07_2007 011

(a moment of weakness…me about to sled-ride…but see…it’s dark)

I guess I am not much of a Yeti any more…more like a warm-weather, shaved but still incredibly handsome BigFoot…

Anyhow, how does the time change effect you?  Do you like the evil Winter or do you prefer the magnificent Summer?  Have you ever seen Bigfoot?