I am beginning to learn about wild mushrooms and was able to take a number of pictures while on my first foray with a friend. I have tried to identify some from my books and with the help of my mentor. Still, please do not use these pictures as as a determining factor on whether you eat a mushroom or not. Some mushrooms can make you dead, while others will make you wish you were dead. Find an expert. My mentor also suggested “keeping a sample of the mushrooms you eat for the morgue”. It’s a big deal if you don’t know what you are doing (like me).

Anyhow, I sort of like these pictures and will try to represent them as best I can. Hover your mouse pointer over each picture for my thoughts on the mushroom’s identification. In all my walking in the woods, I never knew there were so many beautiful and interesting mushrooms all around!


coral mushroom variety

orange spindle coral mushroom

Bay or bluing bolete?

Destroying Angel2 - this will kill you Destroying Angel - this will kill you

pinwheel mirasmius?Amanita variety - white grisette?

LBM - little brown mushroom


Some more mushrooms

Mushrooms Too!

My Shiitakes are fruiting!

Mushrooms Aplenty!

Chanterelle Mushrooms

Large Cluster of Chanterelles

Check out this huge mushroom

3 thoughts on “Mushrooms

  1. I found a large blue mushroom once on a hiking trail in Auburn, Al. I have never found another and can not find out the name. Ever seen one?

  2. Jane – some mushrooms turn blue when they are bruised or as they decay…maybe that was the deal? I am not sure otherwise but mushrooms do come in many shapes and colors…

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