Mushrooms too!

I mentioned that we found a new spot for picking blackberries.  The new spot is into the woods a bit so we have to take a little time to walk to the best berries.  Along the way, we found some great mushrooms…these are chanterelles but there were all different sorts.  We’ve harvested them before but these ones looked especially cool to me.  There were tons of this variety and they were in all conditions and sizes.

There really is a lot of good about walking into the woods.  It seems like most people don’t venture in too far so there is a lot of beautiful stuff that just goes unnoticed.  I know that but I think I had forgotten too.  Sometimes I wonder how much other stuff like this I have forgotten.  It’s funny how day-to-day life buzzes right on by as the really cool stuff of life gets forgotten…

5 thoughts on “Mushrooms too!

  1. I’m not brave enough to pick the wild mushrooms. I grew up hunting Morels, and don’t know any of the others on sight. My dad drilled into me that some mushrooms can kill you. Enough said.

    “day to day life just buzzes by”–good one. 🙂

  2. Hi! I just discovered your blog, and am enjoying it very much. I am loving your bee adventures! As for your mushrooms, I don’t think I’d have been brave enough to pick them either, but I do love finding them! If you go to my site, I just posted a mushroom pic, too! Mine is of the tree bark variety. I loaned my mushroom book out, or I could tell you what kind they are, but you can see the pics of them!

    I will be watching for your next post. I’m wondering what you DO with the swarms you catch? Do you have your own personal bee farm going on?? LOL

    Oh, I forgot to tell you, I’m in WV too, just outside Parkersburg. 🙂

    Have a great day!

  3. Found your from Granny Sue. I had to take a look at your mushrooms. I didn’t know you could eat those. I have seen them growing in the woods. I’ll have to figure out if they are the good ones or the bad ones.

  4. I know this goes without saying, but don’t ever eat mushrooms unless you are sure what you are getting…some can indeed kill you…

    Shannon – I keep the swarms I catch. I don’t really have a bee farm but I do keep bees. I keep 10-12 colonies across 3 sites. It’s just a cool hobby and I make little/no money at it though I can usually break even.

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