Building our small cabin

Follow these links to watch the progress as we build our small cabin on our land in the beautiful WV countryside

-Getting Tanked

-Building our cabin

-And there was mud

-Tanlines and stuff

-We were floored

-Product Placements

-We were framed

-Good clamps are hard to find

-Four Square

 -8 feet is too much


-Country Neighbors

-Black Friday

-The Sleeping Loft

-Under Roof!

-Wrapping it up!

-We’ve been busy!

 -Why we built a post and pier foundation

 -Some perspective on showers

 -Yoga Booty (installing soffit and fascia)

-Progress on the cabin

-Siding and some difficult neighbors

-Winders and sidin’

-The rules of plumbing

-I can dig it!

-You mean the foundation comes before the house?

-Wall #1

-Human backhoes

-Angle Grinder + Finger = Bad

-I’m starting to see it

-Not thinking concretely

-Closing it in

-Cabin progress – bathroom floor and a deck!

-She decked me!

-Boot washer!

-Ditching it all for power

-Cabin progress – Fall edition

 -Finally, a porch roof…almost!


 -Let there be light!

 -Cabin update…slow but sure

-A few finishes on the cabin

-Oh my woodness

Here is my skp file…it’s the sketchup file if you want to have a look.  I warn you, it is terrible and only gave me a rough idea of board counts, etc.  Use it at your own peril!

6 thoughts on “Building our small cabin

  1. can you send me your sketchup file? I’m building near Princeton WV and am very impressed with your design. Thanks! a. jarrett

  2. I enjoyed your blog on building your cabin. My husband and i have raw land too and would like to build something inexpensive so that we could enjoy it. How much did it cost to build your cabin if you dont mind giving out that information. Thanks, Carla Baggett

  3. Carla,
    I don’t really know for sure what it has cost. We started off keeping receipts but it has taken us so long to build it that we just sort of stopped keeping track. I guarantee that one could build a house with lesser expense than what we are doing though, esp if you have flatter ground. Building on a hillside has def added cost to our place. Send me an email if you would like and I can try to give some more info on what cost us more vs how you could save…

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