I’m starting to see it…

We started on our deluxe shed just over a year ago.  We often aren’t able to work more than one day each week on it and it has long seemed as if we might never get the place to a point where we could enjoy it.  We are still a long way from being done but last weekend, Emily and I were able to make great progress on the stem wall that runs around the upper side of the house.  It’s weird but that step alone makes it look like a nearly-completed project!

Building a stem wall

We are three quarters of the way done with the stem wall and should finish it pretty easily.  We also started back-filling the foundation which says the foundation is complete like nothing else could.  I really hate digging dirt and I was super concerned that all of our trudging over the piles of dirt and all of the rain and snow we have (already) had would have packed the dirt but I was pleased that it wasn’t so bad.  I would love to have a skid-steer, but in lieu of that, I suppose this job wasn’t so bad by shovelfuls.

Building a stem wall

A few weekends ago, we poured the piers on which one of the decks will rest.  It is possible that we may actually be able to walk right into the house rather than climbing up a ladder to get in.  Simple decks go up quickly too so we may see even more progress quickly.  Finally, I am starting to see it..this house is coming together.  I am enjoying most of the work we are doing on the house, but I am so ready to be able to move inside to the finish work.  I know  Emily and the kids will be glad for that too…indoor plumbing is really high on their list.  That’s the first priority after we get the outside work finished.  Now, if only the snow will hold off….

7 thoughts on “I’m starting to see it…

  1. Looking good. It’s funny how bits of trim and skirting, even if it isn’t structural like yours, makes a place look finished.

  2. Don’t forget the heat. Indoor plumbing isn’t much good if the pipes freeze. But your deer shack is really looking good. In no time at all you will have all of the comforts of home there. I can’t wait to see your creation in it’s final glory. So keep up the good work and sending updates.

  3. My boy I hope you remembered to put in a french drain with gravel before you back filled. Dad.

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