Siding and some difficult neighbors

As with most of the country, it has been hot as blazes here in West-by-God-Virginia. Since the heat may continue on until Christmas, we decided to continue to plow onward with the work on the cabin, although at a slowed pace.

Installing siding on the house
Day 1 of siding on the surface of the sun

On Independence day as well as this past Sunday, we worked on hanging siding on the third side of the “deluxe shed”. In a new record, we made it out to the place at 8:30 am. You see, we usually mess around and do other things…like eat at Panera…we do that way too often.

Installing siding!
Siding complete on side 3!

We usually have to stop by one of the home improvement places and get supplies…of course, it’s the weekend so we usually sleep in too. Anyhow, with the temps, we decided to break tradition on all accounts and start early before it got hot. We did start early, but we did not beat the heat.

We took this at 9am…well, maybe not…but not long after

So, we took tons of water and wore sunscreen and hats and all of that stuff. Across the span of the two days, we were able to hang the siding on the third side of the “luxury deer stand”. It is coming along nicely.

Installing siding!

There are other builders in our neighborhood also. We tried to get to know the neighbors but they are not terribly friendly.

Bald faced hornets
The waspers!

The bottom of the cabin is exposed still and some bald-faced hornets have decided to take up residence and build a bigger-than-i’d-like paper nest. I found out that this style of hornet is really a yellow jacket variant which is in the wasper genus. For anyone not familiar, wasper is Southern for wasp. Many folks actually say it sort of like “washper”. Anyhow, the Wasper family have moved in and are not at all friendly. We’ll have to deal with that later. I will collect their home and display it as a trophy in the deluxe shed come fall…

7 thoughts on “Siding and some difficult neighbors

  1. Just make sure ALL of the tenants have been evicted before displaying that trophy. Wouldn’t be good to find that hidden eggs have hatched to take over your cabin. The siding looks great.

  2. Be careful in that heat! Siding looks great on tree house. The Bald Faced Hornets are mean, mean, mean! Did I mention they are mean? Best not mess with killing them until after dark. Hurts like the dickens for hours after getting stung.

  3. Sorry your neighbors are big pooties.
    We have a lot of “waspers” in the railing of our deck. It’s Butch’s second job spraying those buggers.
    Your luxury deer stand is looking right fine!

  4. Soapy Water is all you need to get rid of those hornets. Mix a bit of dish washing liquid with water, put it into a spray bottle and spray or throw a pitcher of it at the nest. The weight of the soap on their wings prevents them from flying.

    Learned this after buying and trying chemicals to no avail. The soapy solution is a real solution and costs pennies.

  5. Meanu – thanks for the comment! I can attest to the effectiveness of it too…I had to wipe out some of my honeybees one time…it works super fast! Thanks for stopping by!

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