Progress on the cabin

It’s been awhile since I wrote about the work we have done on the cabin.  Spring soccer season started for both kids so our trips to the country have all but stopped.

Siding our small cabin

Anyhow, before soccer started, we made some good progress on getting siding up on the side of the cabin Emily calls the back (but everyone else calls the front…except me, I support me wife of course!).  Siding is pretty easy thankfully so we made pretty quick progress.  The plan is to build a covered porch on the back(front) so we sided up to the point where we will tie the porch roof to the house.

Siding our small cabin

We had a covered porch at our place in Nashville when we lived there.  Even better than being covered, it was also screened in.  We haven’t officially decided whether to screen in a portion of the new place but I suspect we will have some sort of mosquito shelter.

I made the call to the electric company to get power turned on to the place.  My original hope was to bury a large portion of the line that crosses our property but the price went up significantly since I first talked with the power company.  So, uh, I like the idea of a loverly powerline crossing my view of the forest.  Anyhow, we will soon have power to the place which is sure to make the kids happy…they desperately want a fan they can sit in front of while we work.  Ahh, the life!

Siding our small cabin

Isaac, my Dad and I hauled concrete block out to the place so we can begin the work on enclosing the bottom of the place as well.  There are just so many things that all really need to happen at the same time.  It will be an interesting summer of construction!



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4 thoughts on “Progress on the cabin

  1. Any house of mine that I build WILL HAVE a covered porch. I have never understood how covered porches have faded away and have been replaced by uncovered decks.

  2. We love our covered porch and spend most of the summer out there. We have music, a grill, table and chairs. What more could you ask for. The luxury shed has been promoted to the cabin. I think that’s a more appropriate name for such a pretty place. Anxious to come see it soon.

  3. I emailed you earlier about the sketchup program file. Thanks a bunch. I wanted to share my progress for the cabin I am building in Mercer County, WV.
    We were about 80% done getting the cabin weathered in (it was framed and we were putting the roof sheathing on the tursses) when that terrible wind storm hit us. We had 80mph in our area and it took the cabin down. Unfortunately my schedule didn’t enable me to take another week of leave so we had to get a contractor to reassemble most of it (we were able to salvage 90% of the materials). ONE MAJOR LESSON LEARNED is that the side sheathing must go on early to strengthen the structure. We probably would have been alright if it wasn’t for that storm.

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