Tanlines and stuff

Emily and I worked a bunch more on Tuesday (yes, still in the rain) and made great progress on the cabin.  I like the DIY part of this project for sure, but sometimes, it’s good to remember why inside jobs aren’t always so bad.  Anyhow, we started off in the rain but the sun came out sometime in the afternoon and pretty well cooked my head.  You see, I decided to forego the hat in an attempt to even out a tan line I got over the weekend:

Baseball hat tanline

Imagine, if you will, a bald guy wearing a baseball hat in the sun.  Most of his head is protected from the sun but the baseball hat, by design, has an opening at the back.  Said opening provides no protection from the sun.  Yeah, it looks pretty stupid and now I have a sunburn on top of the still-obvious hat-tan-line.

Over the course of all of this work, I have developed a few tanlines, some of which are pretty interesting…

Boot tanlines...or hobbit feet


My arm and neck tanlines…pretty typical I guess


Well, enough about tanlines. We did get the main beams for the cabin in place and we started laying the floor joists.  There is still a lot to be done to get everything braced and hooked together of course.  I am using 2×8 boards for the joists and they are slightly cantileved over the big beams attached to the 6×6 upright posts.  I plan to add bracing to support the overhang as the weight of the house really gets transmitted down the walls to the outer edge of the cabin.

The beams are in! The beams are in!

Emily is a kick-butt worker and the real reason this thing will be done right! I would definitely not call her a helper as she is every bit as capable as I am on building. She has a brain for this sort of thing too. Of course, part of working together is the brawling we seem to do to make our points, but I guess that’s part of the “fun”.  We hardly ever fight except when we work on stuff like this. Funny, isn’t it? Is anyone else that way?

Anyhow, this weekend we will be at it again!  I expect we’ll get the floor down and get our bracing done properly.  As weight build on the platform, it will become important so now is the time!

See all of the progress on the cabin

10 thoughts on “Tanlines and stuff

  1. You all are really chugging along. It’s looking great.

    I have a fabulous tan on my left forearm from sticking it out the window of my car. That’s the only tan I have thanks to no air conditioning in my car.

  2. You have a perfect example of a “Farmer’s Tan”. The hat tan line can be reduced in the future by wearing a large straw hat.
    Maybe you should plan a few solar tattoo’s for future building day’s. Just cut out stencils in sweat proof tape and apply them to the area’s you want them and let the sun do the work.

  3. that is a great working tan, I didnt know you were so talented (both of you). good for you. can’t wait to see finished pics.

  4. Oh Warren! You need some real tools man! Making your woman use her muscles like that! 😉 Here’s another great tip when building a house: The wife is always right! 🙂 We built our house and we never did have any fights over it. I had lots of people tell me that building a house together will either make or break a marriage. See tip above to avoid any future squabbles! lol

  5. Mr.C and I get along perfectly until we do a DIY project together… we think exactly opposite from each other when it comes to that stuff.

  6. Your head tan looks like a sales tag! Price yourself!

    Mousey tried all summer to get a solar tattoo, the butterfly kept falling off.

    I am ever so impressed with Emily’s ability! I would only be able to help with the grunt work.

    Whenever you talk about brawling, I remember that picture of the 2 bears you posted a while back. It makes me laugh all over again!

  7. I was wondering about Emily using the handsaw? Then you are old school. Greg still have his generator? Then you could use power tools.

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