We were floored

Well, we were almost floored anyhow.  We worked very hard Saturday and Sunday on the cabin and made great progress.  We almost got the sub-floor done in fact.  There were a lot of joists to finish and then we put blocking between the boards to spread loads and add strength and stability.  It took a long time doing all of the cutting and measuring and so on but Emily, a friend and I had a good rhythm worked out.  My favorite part was the magic that Emily worked with a power saw.  She cut off boards and sort of earned her man-card.


My buddy working...or napping?

Isaac also jumped in and did a little of everything.  He nailed joist hangers, screwed in lag bolts and did about anything we needed.  Of course, he did find opportunities to hide now and then but we all needed breaks…some more than others.

Break time

Emily’s grandparents came out on Sunday afternoon and helped.  Emily’s grandfather is taller than Emily so he was able to do some of the high nailing from the ground that Emily couldn’t do.  That allowed me to keep working from atop the decking-in-progress.

I love this pic...the posts and piers and beams and stuff all look pretty cool I think

Emily's grandfather surveying our work


Subfloor - not screwed down yet but at least out of the trailer!

We have great neighbors on the hill too so Abigail took some time to play with the kids that are from the next field over.  They roamed around and found mushrooms and sticks and bugs and had a great time.

The one little girl said, “Don’t worry about us…there will be teenagers there too.”  Of course, that had quite the opposite effect on me but it all ended up good.  And most importantly, Abigail got to ride a horse which made her day.

The cabin doesn’t look quite as small as it did when we were pacing out the dimensions on the ground.  I am finally starting to see it come together a little and we are so excited to get the first wall framed and up!  With any luck, we will start on walls this coming weekend!

See all of the progress on the cabin

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  1. I have been watching your progress with great interest…LOVE the process of building. Yes girls can use power tools too, although the table saw still makes me a tad nervous!

    Can’t wait to watch the walls rise and to see what you do with the place! Kim

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