We are Falling

We were cruising along pretty well with the summer bit.  The sun was hot and the leaves were green.  Each morning we could pretty much count on wearing short sleeves and shorts.  We were in Summer until Friday.  Rains came and wind came and Isaac had a soccer game.  The temperature got down to somewhere in the 40s and that’s about how many inches of rain we got too…40.  Not really of course.  Isaac ended up being ball-boy for the second game after the game he played.  He was soaked through to the bone after the second hour in the rain wearing only his uniform.  Emily and I were only slightly better.  I was shivering like a 5th grade boy at a Sadie Hawkins dance.

Well, all of that is to say the Fall is here.  Some parts of Fall suit me well.   I love the colors and cider and finishing up the garden.  I hate cold and all things cold related though.


I thought it was probably good for my own mental well-being to find some pics of the awesome things of Fall…you know, so I don’t drink my sorrows away in a vat of apple cider (which by the way, is almost ready to be made!).

I have been collecting pics of our travels out to the bee farm and some of them really feel like Fall to me (minus the cold and misery).  I am not sure what makes them feel like Fall.  Anyone else have things that just seem like Fall?

4 thoughts on “We are Falling

  1. Having once owned a pumpkin business and also spending lots of time in my parent’s honey house, nothing shouts fall like orange pumpkins and honey from the fall crop of goldenrod.

  2. Fall has officially arrived at my house Warren! The leaves are turning and falling. The squirrels are gathering up nuts. They are even eating the broken walnuts off the road. I know this because I dodge squirrels every time I leave my house! lol Fall is also in the air! I can smell it and feel it by how cold it has gotten this weekend. My dogs are getting their Winter coats too! Hope you got to get some work done on the cabin this weekend.

  3. I don’t have much memory of Fall, nor Spring either. Seems like in Texas, we only have 2 seasons. Wicked HOT and Crazy Cold (well, cold for us anyway). Oh, and we never get rain anymore either.

  4. I am love, love LOVING the cooler weather! I am happy NOT to spontaneously combust at any given moment!

    The colors are getting spectacular up here in The Mitten.
    Thinking about putting up my fall wreath.
    I really need to get rid of my dying flower pottage, they are bringing me down.

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