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My parents and brother and sister-in-law came into town this weekend to watch the kids play soccer and to help us work some on the deluxe shed.  We pretty much finished up the sub-floor before the visit so my goal for this weekend was to get some walls built…and that we did!

As we always do, we loaded up the van with the generator and all of our tools, drove to our place and unload them once again (I can’t wait to be able to leave some stuff up there!)  I didn’t notice it at the time but in looking over the pics, many of which my Mom took, I noticed that we were like a product placement extravaganza!  See how many different brand name/logo shots you see in these pics…it is like we were setting it up!




Anyhow, my brother brought a propane framing nailer and it was amazing!  I have never used such a beast before, but basically, it is a cordless nail-driving machine.  With a regular hammer, it takes, I don’t know, 5 seconds to drive a nail, another few to get the next nail and set it, etc  Each nail and swing of a hammer takes a lot of energy so things go slower with each nail one drives.  This nailer drives maybe 5 nails a second and I never got tired.  Incredible!

So, we discovered another crazy thing as we all worked away.  It looks like a cow must have gotten loose in the neighborhood.  The prints were from a hooved animal but they were far too big to be a deer.  It looked more along the lines of what I expect an elk print would be, size-wise but I don’t think there are any elk around here.

In addition to getting a lot of work done, we got to goof around together which was nice too.  We talked about a little bit of everything and nothing is better than working on a common goal!    We also got to see, once again, just how beautiful our WV mountains really are.  The leaves are coming along nicely and will probably be at their peak next weekend.  I couldn’t take a picture that did it justice but it’s just amazing!

See all of the progress on the cabin

9 thoughts on “Product placements

  1. Very exciting to see the progress! You had a perfect weather weekend for working too. The leaves in the background are beautiful.

  2. I really like your choice of cabin style with it all being up on piers. When you get to roofing the downhill side, it is going to feel very exposed out there on the edge, more so than it should for a one story cabin anyway.

    I’ve been wanting one of those gas powered nailers but haven’t been able to justify it. Perhaps I just need to convince my wife we need a cabin.

  3. Pictures really did come out good. I have to admit your property is really beautiful and the cabin will be perfect.

  4. It sure is amazing how much you can get done with a few guys who know what they are doing and the right tools for the job.
    That cabin design on that setting just begs for a large front porch which I am sure you will add in the future.
    Along with your very own bell to lick.

  5. Boy, that brother of yours sure is a good looking fellow, with that well documented balding head and bad case of plumber’s crack…
    Thanks as always, we had a great time, though my knees are still paying for it.

  6. Glad to see that you know how to put the entire family to work Warren! 🙂 It’s coming along. Can’t wait to see some more pictures. I know what you mean about not being able to get the pictures to look the way it actually looks outside. I took some pictures this weekend that just didn’t come out looking near as beautiful as it actually was outside.

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