And there was mud

We went back out to the place today to work more on the cabin.  It rained…all day.  Since time off is limited, we pressed on and stirred up all of that mud that we made from the pier excavations.  Holy cow all of that mud was heavy!  This entire building process is exercise for sure and we definitely got our share today.  After awhile, we joked that we needed to scrape the mud off of our shoes so that we would have room for more mud.


We put a tent over the areas we worked and it wasn’t so bad I guess.  We made a lot of progress.  I won’t say much as the pictures show a lot of what we got done.  There is still a ton of cross-bracing to be done but we ran out of wood and, more importantly, nails.  We will be heading back tomorrow for more of the same minus the running out of nails part.


See all of the progress on the cabin

6 thoughts on “And there was mud

  1. I’d say you need some rubber boots Warren! 🙂 Not that it would keep the mud off but it will make it easier to clean them up. It’s going to be really muddy tomorrow! 🙁 We got a lot of much needed rain at our house tonight.

  2. Yes, boots are in order. On the other hand, WOW! I had no idea you and Emily were so handy and could build your own cabin. Can’t wait to see how it finishes up.

  3. It’s a great thing to know that you had a great work in making a cabin. Yeah!I’d say that you need some rubber boots beacuse it will make it easier to clean them up. Can’t wait to see the cabin how it finishes up.

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