Winders and sidin’

Emily and I were talking about the deluxe deer stand the other day…we poured piers for the foundation, built the floor, set all of the walls and the loft and the roof…and all of that happened pretty quickly.  It seems like we have been putting siding on the building since before I hit puberty though.  How did we build the entire shell in what seems like less time that it is taking us to get the shell covered?!

Siding almost done
Siding almost done…the gap is where the porch roof will tie in

I guess like everything, when the more detailed work gets going, things necessarily slow down.  We are taking our time installing the siding so the rain will hopefully remain outside.  Anyhow, we have finally finished siding 3 of the 4 walls.  We’ll finish the 4th wall when we get a deck built around that back side.  It’s just too high to do the peak until then.

All of the windows are installed!
All of the windows are installed!

We finally installed the final window last weekend as well.  How many executive deer stands do you know of that have nice big windows?  We still have one door to install (on the back where it is so high) to finish the outer shell.  I’ll tell you, windows are wonderful!  Emily and I looked across the hills and the windows make the deer stand just about perfect!

Our view of the mountains
Our view of the mountains…from the ground

I know you are probably wondering about the waspers I talked about a few weeks ago.  They were not kind neighbors so I bought a brand new can of wasper spray at the Piggly Wiggly (not really…it was Kroger…PW  just sounds better).  I emptied the entire can shooting directly up into the “nest hole” where millions and millions of waspers poured out.  Of those millions, I think 7 died.  The spray can said the stuff killed for 24 hours.  We came back a week after spraying and the waspers were still all over their nest.  I know the can wouldn’t lie so my only explanation is that those bugs are seriously tough.  I am rethinking my relationship with the wasper family.  I think next week, we will take them a loaf of banana bread and a nice quiche.

9 thoughts on “Winders and sidin’

  1. Ron – you are so right! I have to tell you…you are my inspiration for building this place. Before reading about your construction story, it never would have occurred to me that a common man could build his own house. Well, maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but I like your methodical description of how to do things and… we are!

  2. REAL wasps don’t ear quiche!

    Please tell me that the porch is going to wrap completely around the deer stand?! I’m picturing you and Emily rocking in the shade watching your grand children playing on the hillside.

  3. Look forward to visiting and sitting on the porch. I think sunsets and sunrises have to be beautiful.

  4. I first saw your title as pronounced “Whine-ders” and “Siding” and then wondered if your post was about a side-winding rattle snake. Glad it wasn’t.
    I can’t believe the wasp spray didn’t kill them. Maybe you got an expired batch of the stuff?? Keep working at it. You probably can’t build that porch until they’re dead.
    Beautiful, beautiful view!

  5. Don’t forget the beer, waspers love it. And maybe an orange soda for the younger ones too. I think the best solution to the wasp problem is a 12 ga. Cheaper to repair the damage in the long run. Or find someone to remove them if it is a paper wasp colony, they use them for medical research. Locally, we have adds all over the place looking for them.

  6. Your deluxe deer stand is looking pretty great!
    I agree you need a refund on your spray. When Butch goes on wasp detail, they die within 24 minutes! And before!

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