Some perspective on showers

Is it January?  It was beautiful today.  The building fates have been with us indeed.  We finally made it back to the property today and made some more progress on  the deluxe shed…I mean deer stand…I mean the cabin.  The weather man assured us it was supposed to be sunny and 60 so we headed out early…way before it was either sunny or 60.  It still wasn’t January cold but I could have stayed in bed pretty easily.  Anyhow, we drove out in the woods and there were icicles on the trees and everywhere else too.  We had planned to install soffit and fascia on the sides of the cabin because the wind runs right up under the eaves and gives me the heebie geebies…like it could rip the roof right off and send it down over the hill.  I haven’t hugged a ladder so many times as I have this winter as we work in the wind.  It is always windy on top of our ridge but I think winter wind is the wildest.

Installing soffit and fascia on our small cabin

Installing soffit and fascia on our small cabin

Installing soffit and fascia on our small cabin

So we pulled up and saw all sorts of icicles starting to melt and drip right down the fascia board where we had planned to work.  Time to change plans.  I guess it worked out better because dripping water running down my back would be high on the crap-I-don’t-want-to-do list.  We cut a several pieces of soffit at a time but I could only work with two pieces at a time up on the ladder.  So, every two pieces I had to climb up and down the ladder.  That makes for a slow and tiring day.

Installing soffit and fascia on our small cabin Installing soffit and fascia on our small cabin

Emily and I decided to take a short walk in the woods since we were just so doggone efficient at getting work done.  It sounded like it was raining with all of the ice melting off of the trees.  It was so cool.  The only sounds we could hear were from the forest.  I love being out there because it always seems to amaze me.  At least as many water drops ran down my back as would have if we had worked on the soffit and fascia on the side of the house.  I didn’t mind the water in the woods though.  Perspective is sort of funny, isn’t it?



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5 thoughts on “Some perspective on showers

  1. I was looking closely at you photos and then it struck me. Heavy coat,gloves,pants and NO hat. So I will ask…were you over dressed or
    does your head work like a solar heater?

  2. I’m starting to think you should wear a helmet when you work. You work on ladders at the funniest angles–angles that could easily slip and fall.
    Your hut/cabin/deer stand/shed is looking great.

  3. LOVE the quiet of nature when all the other sounds of “civilization” are gone 🙂 and always always always LOVE the woods…some of my best memories are of walks through the woods with my grandparents (happy sigh)

  4. I spent much of my growing up years in the woods behind my parents house. I still like to walk those same woods and remember those wonderful times.

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