I mentioned in an earlier post that the bees were really working the corn tassels a couple of weeks ago.  I got some pictures (click on them…they are pretty neat when full size!) of


honeybees as well as a bunch of
blue orchard mason bees that were around.  It turns out that the starlings were really working the
Blue orchard mason bees on corn
corn too.  This weekend, we had to harvest a bunch of the corn before the birds did.  We ate some for supper this weekend and Emily

Blue orchard mason bees on corn

froze most of it still on the cob.  She blanched the ears for 6 minutes then let them cool.  Once cool and dry, she then wrapped them in cling-wrap and put the ears in freezer bags.  We probably harvested half of the corn so we’ll see what the birds left us later in the week!

Emily with corn husks

Popaw shucking corn

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    Oh corn! You’ve got tons of corn! I didn’t plant any this year. Maybe next year.

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