Yellow Squash!

yellow squash flower

Bumblebees in yellow squash flower

We harvested yellow summer squash on Saturday when my parents were here for a visit.  I didn’t count but I suppose we collected around 25 perfect sized squash.  We ate a bunch of it and gave some away.  I have a bunch of it in the dehydrator also.  Squash is around 94% water so dehydration can significantly reduce the volume for storage.  We haven’t tried to rehydrate and use squash yet but we have had luck with bell peppers and hot peppers.  I expect we’ll use it in with other stuff more than we will eat it in a squash-only dish.  We’ll see.  Bumblebee in yellow squash flower

Anyhow, I took some pics a while back of bumblebees in the squash flowers.  We have quite a few plants and there were tons (I didn’t count but I am positive it was over 100) bumblebees in the flowers.

Yellow squash on the vine

Many flowers had two or three bumblebees.  It is paying off now. Yellow squash harvest

I think the flowers must be too deep for my honeybees to get nectar from it as I never saw a single honeybee.  Anyhow, there are still a lot of flowers and bumblebees so I guess we’ll have a lot of squash.  I surely hope so…I love it!