Our campfire!

When I was a kid, we didn’t have air conditioning in our house so my Mom always cooked outside. Before sometime in junior high when we got a propane grill, she cooked on an open fire. My brother and I would hunt through the yard to find sticks that had fallen from trees and we’d make a great fire in the wheel-well that was our fire ring. We visited my hometown last weekend and had a lot of fun making a fire in that fire pit again. We cooked s’mores and played a little in the fire. Isaac and Abigail haven’t been around many campfires so throwing sticks and grass into the fire was a ton of fun! My Dad, uncle and I sat around it until past dark just chatting and having a good time.


Emily, my Mom and aunt were light-weights and headed inside with the kids when the mosquitoes got to be too much. I haven’t smelled like campfire in a long time but it was great for childhood memories…and not so great for my allergies. Still, I missed it a lot and think that we will have to spend more time around campfires.

4 thoughts on “Campfire

  1. We’ve been building a lot of fires here the last few weeks, mainly to get rid of some brush piles from when we cut some trees down, oh, about three years ago (it takes a while to get around to things here!). I love fires; they’re so amazing to watch. The first one of the summer the girls imitated the fire’s movements by dancing off to the side! It was really cool to see how watching fire provoked such a response.

    Good luck with beginning of school stuff! I can’t believe it’s that time of year already. It still feels like summer to me.

  2. Three years…that’s about how long it took that wood to properly dry, right? You can’t have a good campfire with wet wood afterall!

  3. Oh, I miss that…We need to get in the habit of having more fires. We used to do it all the time also.

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