Food prices aren’t higher…

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Food is just smaller now!  We buy store brand cereal for Isaac and me to eat and I was surprised that the prices hadn’t really increased much lately.  I just noticed how they managed to keep the prices the same.  The older boxes we had were 14 oz, while the new ones are 12.25 oz.  I think I am a little irritated at this discovery as it is a trick.  I know prices are going up.  I expect it and I wouldn’t stop buying a product I like because the price goes up (within reason of course).  This is sneaky though…why not acknowledge the fact that stuff is getting more expensive rather than shave 1.75 oz from the product?  New Size

I am sure lots of companies are making this change so keep an eye out!


3 thoughts on “Food prices aren’t higher…

  1. What about increasing the price and cutting the quantity at the same time?! That really bugs me! I do understand things are a lot different now but it’s just not right to be raising the price and at the same time decrease the quantity. There is this diner that we loved going, they used to have good portions but we noticed lately that not only the price is higher, the portions are smaller now! We kinda stop going there.

  2. YD-I think you are right…the typical response is to do both things…prices and size. It was so tricky…the boxes are so similar in size that I would never have even noticed if I didn’t have two boxes side by side. They were different thicknesses…but just a little differnt. Argh!

    I think you are right Kim…it felt like trickiness. The size difference was so slight that it would have been easy to miss. Still, even with the size change, it is still a ton cheaper than the name brand and just as tasty so I’ll keep buying. I’ll just keep a close eye on it!

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