Shooting…for the first time

Line up the shot

My brother and I used to target shoot in the back yard all the time.  We shot thousands of rounds into the backstop that we had made out of logs.  Sometimes we shot .22, sometimes deer rifles and sometimes we shot skeet with shotguns.  I learned a lot about guns, about my brother (like don’t tangle with him…he’s a better shot), and about being outdoors.  When we got old enough, I suppose we shot every day after school.

Taking the shot

It was a great time of fun and friendship.  This weekend, I decided that Isaac needed to be initiated into the back-yard-shooter’s club.  My Dad and I talked with him extensively about firearm safety, how to aim and shoot, and how to take a little ribbing when we miss a shot.  Dad and I are right-handed and Isaac is left-handed

Did I hit?

so that introduced a little twist to the fun.  I expect Isaac and I will do some more practice in the coming months.  We’ll initiate Abigail when she gets a little older too!

8 thoughts on “Shooting…for the first time

  1. Go Isaac! 🙂 I was the only lefty in the backyard gun club as well! 😉 (As well as the only female, but try not to hold that against me.)

  2. Very nice!
    Speaking about shooting, I will get to try my hands, for the first time ever this Sunday. Hubby wanted to try out his new 44, so we are going to the shooting range on Sunday. I will get to learn what Isaac just learned!

  3. Farm mom – my wife can out shoot me so I have a pretty good respect for female shooters. I am not a bad shot either so she is pretty impressive! My brother is the real phenomenon though. It drives me crazy shooting with him. He’s a lefty also. Anyhow, he shoots a clay pigeon and then shoots the pieces coming down…like every time and every big chunk. Madness!

    YD – I bet you’ll be hooked. I absolutely love to shoot. I am so-so on hunting but target shooting is one of my favorite things. A 44 is not a typical learning gun but I am sure you will get a kick (so to speak) out of it! Let us know how your experience turns out!

  4. I think it’s great that you are teaching Isaac to shoot. We’ve started teaching our daughter as well, and target practice now and then. One of these days, I’m determined to try hunting…


  5. Ron,
    We have plans to buy some land out in the country and I can’t have anyone not knowing how to shoot a gun! I expect I will keep working just to buy more ammo actually! We’ll figure out food and stuff somehow, but bullets are a necessity! I think we’ll wait awhile to teach Abigail as she is younger but I expect she’ll become a member of the “back-yard-shooters” as soon as she can!

  6. Warren,

    I would not dare to try the 44, I don’t think hubby would let me try it either. That is his new baby.
    I will probably start out with a 22.

  7. Good, I was hoping that’s how it go! You’ll have a lot more fun with the 22, learning anyhow. Please tell the proud dad to take care of his “baby”!

  8. John introduced the kid at a young age. We have lots of fun as a family going out back shooting cans and targets.

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