Traveling West Virginia

Brad Rice from WCHS TV interviewed us for the Traveling West Virginia series.  He was pretty brave donning a bee suit and gloves.  Running the camera had to be an experience with the heavy leather gloves but he was able to get some great video to do his story.  We talked for about 2 hours about all sorts of bee-related topics and he produced this most excellent story about our meeting.  Within 5 minutes of the story’s first airing, I had 3 phone calls from people who wanted to buy honey!  My kids were SO excited to have Brad come and do the story and their biggest concern was whether they would be on t.v.  He was very gracious and assured them that they would have their chance at fame!

7 thoughts on “Traveling West Virginia

  1. That is awesome! CONGRATS TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY! I will show this one to John, he will appreciate it. We are interested in getting some hives, does it cost much to get started?

  2. Thanks ladies! We surely had a lot of fun filming the whole thing and were very happy with how it turned out.

    Kim – it doesn’t cost too much to start depending on how you want to do things. I started keeping bees with just long pants and a shirt plus a veil. I have since upgraded. I also borrowed an extractor, then built my own, then bought the motorized one in the video. The only real requirement is to get woodenware and bees…you can get that from $100-$250 depending on how you work things. Swarms are free for the catching and established colonies are higher end. You can build your own woodenware though that is probably not going to save you much money. Send me an email if you’d like more detail…see the contact page for my email address

  3. Wow, Warren, ya’ll are really into bees! I’m still on the fence about them, as there are lots of wild ones around here (fortunately!) and honey has not become a big part of our diet, yet. But it was fascinating to read about the different grades of honey, and the extraction process. Maybe we will try them out… one of these days. 🙂

    Very cool that you were on TV! I hope you sell all the honey you want to!


  4. Ron,
    You are fortunate to have wild bees around…there aren’t many left. We’re into bees but it really doesn’t require too much effort except during the honey harvest. I can harvest all of our honey in a weekend. Don’t get me wrong, it is a hard weekend but doable. It’s well worth the pollination benefit and the honey for sure!

  5. My fame has been short-lived though…people are back to expecting me to get my own water at work, wash my own car, etc…

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