Abigail's new glasses

Abigail has been complaining about headaches a lot lately. We initially thought it was a game she was playing as she was never too upset about it during play time.  Still, something wasn’t right, so after school yesterday, Emily decided to take her to get her eyes checked. It turns out, she needed glasses. For now, they are for reading/classroom time though we’ll see what happens. Being a picky child (and that’s ok by me, really), they spent a good while finding the right glasses for her.  She settled on pink frames with tiny butterflies at the hinge. She also chose a blue and gold case (“Like WVU, Dad!”). She is the only one in our house that wears glasses so she gets to be the trail-blazer.  Apparently she was really excited and told Emily, “I finally get to wear glasses, it’s my dream come true!”  It looks like Emily gets to live out her childhood dream through Abigail as well.  Emily wanted to have glasses as a child but her durn eyes just wouldn’t fail!

9 thoughts on “Abigail

  1. Whoo Hooo! Great glasses. They look awesome! I had glasses from 5th grade on (until having Lasix done 7 years ago) and Jessie and Tyler both have glasses (although Tyler won’t wear his). Just wait…contacts will be next.

  2. I am afraid I’m going to get to live out my childhood dream of braces through Isaac. Little did I know how much they cost!!!

  3. She looks very happy with her choice. They look adorable on her!
    Come to think of it, I think I totally wanted glasses when I was younger, too, and my durn eyes also wouldn’t fail. They’ve certainly failed now!

  4. Abigail’s grandma is looking at new glasses this week and said she might look into adult butterfly glasses…what a hoot!

  5. When I was in 5th grade I tried to lie on my vision test so that I could get glasses! I wanted them so badly. I didn’t lie enough, so they told me I was fine. Boy was I angry!

    I didn’t have to wait long though…10th grade and lifelong poor vision came soon enough!

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