There is a small town nearby called Clendenin.  Whenever it makes the news or whenever we drive by and see a sign of any sort, we say “Clendenin, Clendenin, Clendenin, Clendenin” without moving our lips.  To be said properly, you must also say it slowly in a monotone sort-of-southern voice.  It’s almost a mental illness with us but we always do it.  Right after college I worked as a laborer with a fella from Clendenin (did you say it correctly?)  and he always talked about where he lived (can you guess where?)  He was fairly country and spoke little except when speaking about Clendenin.  I’ll never forget how he pronounced it and the fact that he started this madness that Emily and I suffer with now!  I suppose every couple has some sort of goofy stuff like this that they do (I hope so or else we are just crazy) that seems to make the kids look at you and wonder if they will ever be normal.  Sorry to say it kids, you have no chance!

7 thoughts on “Clendenin

  1. Clendenin, Clendenin, Clendenin, Clendenin… the madness is spreading.

    Whew… I’m glad I’m not the only one ensuring his children will never ever be normal. 🙂


  2. The madness happens even when I read about Clendenin! (Clendenin, Clendenin, Clendenin, Clendenin)

  3. There is just something about how it rolls out of your mouth. I can’t help but smile a little everytime I say it. The big problem, for our kids, is that we have more than one thing we are “mental” about.

  4. Bethany! I don’t know how it happened either but it’s no big deal. I would love to try the pepper candy. I still have a ton more to process and more coming on all the time. I will have a look at your recipe! Thanks!

  5. I have never had Jalapeno Jelly but I’d love to give it a try next year (I will add that to my garden next spring.) Thanks for sharing how to do it with all of us (I am going to bookmark it and come back to do it next year!)

    Dora Renee’ Wilkerson

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