Labor Day

Piedmont in the Regatta parade

What a busy Labor Day!  We did more labor than normal this labor day but had a lot of fun too.  Emily was in the Charleston Regatta parade as usual.  Her school, Piedmont Elementary always enters a float to highlight the great things going on there.  Piedmont is an inner-city school with a very diverse population.

Emily in the Regatta parade

Piedmont Space Shuttle

They were recently selected to be a NASA Explorer school.  NASA promotes science and math in diverse schools by providing resources and curricula (and all sorts of other stuff too).  It’s a pretty neat program and has helped Piedmont extablish a science magnet program within the school.  Anyhow, someone at the school came upon a space shuttle which was incorporated into the float for this year.

Abigail on the carousel

Emily and the other teachers had a choreographed march they did in the parade.  We had front row seats so we got to holler for her as she passed.  After the parade, we went to the carnival on the river and the kids rode a few rides.

Isaac on the slide

Isaac on the slide

It was pretty hot so we didn’t stay long.  Isaac loved the long slides but Abigail was a little more subdued on the carousel.  We had a great time sending off this summer!


4 thoughts on “Labor Day

  1. I enjoy local events like the one you described. They really contribute to a strong sense of community and ownership. Yea for you guys!! I like those slides too…

  2. Looks like a blast! We LOVE small town festivals too. Maybe Isaac will pilot a bird like the one in that float someday – ?! The final frontier!

    About the food in smaller packages, I feel the same way. Argh. We are fortunate that there is a salvage grocery store nearby where we can still get bags of cereal for $1 or so… usually have no box, or a bit past their “expiration date.” Abby and Mel like cereal now and then.

    For me, I’ll just take a nice big platter of eggs, bacon, fried potatoes, coffee, and a heart attack on the side. 🙂


  3. Thanks guys…we surely enjoy stuff like this also and love the carnival though it’s getting expensive to ride stuff…most rides were $3 each! Anyhow, it’s still fun to go and wander around!

    I hope Isaac can get flying lessons later on. I’d be thrilled to have Isaac fly the shuttle or whatever is coming next. If gas doesn’t price us out of lessons, we may try in a few years. We’ll see…

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