Emily and I watch very little tv (esp since we don’t have cable) but one show we typically watch is Heroes on nbc.  I am typically even less likely to recommend a program than I am to watch one, but if you are prone to sci-fi, check out Heroes.  Anyhow, one of the characters on the show is named Mohinder.  He’s a scientist that holds the promise of saving humanity…you know, typical sci-fi fare.  Anyhow, we really liked the name and decided that the next critter we got would be named Mohinder.


So, the next part of the story…We have a huge problem with stray cats on our hill and they seem to breed faster than rabbits.  Another neighbor periodically gathers them all up and takes them to the humane society.  Most are pretty wild and unfriendly but one was quite the opposite.  We could always pick him out of the crowd as he is missing half of his tail.  He is super loving and has a great purr.  I am pretty sure the neighbor girls have tamed him and maybe even put him in a dress and makeup.  Anyhow, on Friday evening, Emily brought him into the house.  We spent vet-money on him over the weekend so he is our new inside-only cat.  In Nashville, we had another all black cat named Baptist.  He was missing his hind leg.  I think we have a thing with parts-missing black cats.


Mo and Madeline (our other cat) aren’t exactly friends yet.  In fact, if you look at the pic of our fat tabby, you can somewhat make out the silhouette of her middle finger, extended for me, as I took the picture.

I was able to record a short snippet of Mo’s purr.  He is a champion loving, purring cat!



5 thoughts on “Mohinder

  1. Funny – we just had a kitten dropped off at our place – not that we need another cat (we have 2 right now, both fixed). But it’s cute. And Mohinder is a great name for a cat – beats “hey you”!!

  2. Growing up, we had two identical cats. We named them “1” and “2”. Which ever one we saw first was “1”, etc. My wife’s sensibilities were not up to that so we settled on “interesting” names.

  3. Caprilis – Mo is an awesome purrer but Maddie still hates his gts. He’s settled down but she remembers him from “the teen years”. I can understand…good thing my wife didn’t know me during *my* teen years!

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