Isaac the monkey

We had a family reunion last weekend and apparently we are descended from monkeys…My kids and their uncle shimmied up and down the lally columns in the basement of the house in which we met.  Isaac has always been a climber so he had no trouble.

Abigail the monkey

Abigail is definitely more hesitant but that’s her nature.  I am not sure about uncle though.  He looks natural in the picture but I can’t speak to his pole climbing experience.  Anyhow, we had a lot of fun at the reunion.  I am not sure if families do this much any more.  A monkey's uncle?

My grandpa’s people (there were 8 brothers and sisters that survived into adulthood) used to get together once a year.  All 200 or so cousins would goof around on the farm, swim in the pool, drink way too much pop from the fountain machine…you know, kids’ stuff.  Anyow, as the number of original brothers and sisters dwindled (my grandpa is the last at 94!), the reunion shrank significantly.  I am partly to blame as I didn’t make the trip back home.  Still, I wonder if it is a fading tradition.  Well, this new reunion is going strong and we surely enjoy attending.  My kids get to be monkeys just like I used to be.  I have learned though…no free soda fountain!