Something fowl at Cookskin Park

Cookskin park's geese

This past Sunday, we decided to clear our house of some extra bread that was going stale.  Coonskin Park has a pond that we knew would have ducks and geese so we packed up the van for a ride.  We grabbed a quick lunch and took a short turn on the playground near the lake.  By the way, the Cookskin playground is pretty awesome.  It has little or no wood (translate:  little or no chance of splinters) and has tons of tunnels and bridges and things to climb and swing on.  Anyhow, I got itchy to feed the ducks.  Cookskin park's geese

I felt a little like a target carrying around a bag full of killer geese treats.  At first, the birds were pretty well spaced around the pond but the smell of bread brought them to us quickly.  They came from all sides.  A flight of ducks and geese came in from overhead, all the time dropping bombs (luckily, they missed!) before they landed.  We were overrun with fowl at the park but we all had a lot of fun feeding them.  One goose in particular kept sticking his tongue out at us.  I fed him every time he did it so we trained each other a little I suppose.

Abigail feeding geese

Anyhow, it was an absolute blast to watch them interact and swim and fly.

We used to live in Bowling Green, KY and Emily and I would go to a nearby park a lot during the summer to walk and talk.  There was a big pond there too and we used to feed the ducks frequently.  We were so poor that it was a stretch to throw even stale bread to the birds.

Kids feeding geese

Anyhow, this was before kids and I really enjoyed feeding the ducks.  I have to tell you, as fun as that was then, it is so much more fun seeing the kids getting into it.  They had favorites, but tried to be fair.  Abigail talked to them like they were unruly children.  It was an absolute blast!  We’ll definitely go again!

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  1. How fun was that! I can hear all that honking and carrying on now. We have nothing like that around here. That looks so peaceful. Bet they’ll be wanting to go back there again.

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