A hard lesson in science

Ice frozen to her lip

We were planting garlic and messing with the bees this weekend when Abigail hollered at me. She and Isaac have this strange love of sucking on ice cubes. I don’t really get it but then, I am an adult. Anyhow, Abigail had gotten an ice cube stuck to her upper lip. I would have been surprised but apparently this sort of thing runs in the family. When Emily was a kid, someone dared her to stick her tongue to a fence post. Not one to pass up a dare, she grabbed the fence and puckered up. Needless to say, she found herself stuck to the fence, tongue frozen in place. Abigail fared better than her mother in freeing herself, however. She wasn’t terribly impressed with my finding humor in her predicament, but I think she learned a lesson in how ice works and how warm water is a great antidote. I love the opportunity to laugh a little at my kids and to teach them a little too!

6 thoughts on “A hard lesson in science

  1. Too funny! Jessie once stuck her toungue to a bus window – I have yet to figure out the kids’ fascination with things like this – but glad it provides a good clean chuckle!

  2. All of us who grew up in the cold north have a memory like Abigail’s! Either we did something “fun” like she did, or we watched someone else give in to a dare. I laugh when I think of the times I did that, or watched someone do it. It reminds me of the Ralphie Christmas movie!

  3. HA! I remember daring kids to stick themselves to stuff. One kid on the bus got his whole tongue stuck to the bus window on the way home from school one afternoon. I laughed and laughed. Of course, Abigails’s problem wasn’t so funny, but I sort of enjoyed it. She didn’t panic…she just walked in with the ice cube dangling from her lip. It was priceless!

  4. That is funny, I would have laughed too. I remember a boy in grade school get his tongue stuck to a pole, I swear rescue responded.

  5. Poor Abigail! My oldest did that last year, his outcome was not very pretty needless to say. But man, what a memory!! Those darn kids and their dares!

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