My Mom sent me a link to this cool site where you can desgin your own jack-o-lantern.  We virtually carved several options and settled on our favorites.  Wait, that sounds like we actually put some real planning into our pumpkin carving.  Ha!  We did do some virtual carving but then we just went to town on the orange gourds!

We decided that we have a new appreciation for our parents.  I cut the lids out and the kids reached into the pumpkins.  Isaac very nearly threw up on the spot.  Abigail held her supper a little better, but still wanted a pair of plastic gloves.

carving jack-o-lantern

Like our parents, we just decided to reach in and pull the seeds (which we roasted…yum!) and goop ourselves.  I have never been queasy about things but somehow, we made a couple of kids who gag at the sight or smell of anything and everything.  It was actually pretty hilarious.

carving jack-o-lanterns

Anyhow, the kids carved their own pumpkins with those amazing tools they sell for carving pumpkins.  Who knew that one could actually carve a pumpkin without danger of amputation! Anyhow, they did a heck of a job.  After carving, we set the pumpkins outside so they can draw the proper number of fruit flies before trick-or-treaters arrive.

We’re all ready for Halloween!

10 thoughts on “Jack-o-lanterns

  1. Those little carving tools are pure genius. So much better than those honkin big knives that we had to use as kids. Your pumpkins look great!

  2. The kids surely had a blast carving…I don’t care much for the cooling temps but it is a lot of fun getting ready for fall.

  3. pumpkin carving is so fun, especially for the kids! Yours look like they had a grand old time and they did a nice job. They look spooky!!

  4. Those are really cool. We found some for Thomas the Train Engine a few weeks ago. Kids love it and I loved the roasted seeds.


  5. We did have a blast and are looking forward to Halloween. For some reason, our city has trick-or-treating scheuled for tomorrow night. Not sure why we don’t do it on Friday. Sort of goofy. Anyhow, I am pretty excited too…I’ll need to test some of the candy to make sure it is safe afterall!

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