Halloween costumes

For some reason, our city declared last night to be trick-or-treat night so we headed out to family members’ houses in full dress.  As usual, the kids had a good time.  We always dump the candy they “earn” into a community pot.  That is partly payment for my transport costs!  They were paid well for dressing up – family is so good about that!  Abigail was authentic right down to her pink leather cowgirl boots.  I didn’t have a thermal detonator for Isaac so I shoved a cayenne pepper in his pocket and told him to make the best of it.  Anyhow, today in school, they dress again and have a Halloween parade.  No doubt, they will be fully sugared after school today too.

Halloween costumes

In one of their bags, they each got little video games.  They were drawn to that above all else last night.  It was pretty funny seeing a cowgirl and a storm-trooper playing video games.

Halloween costumes

Today is report card day so assuming things look good, we’re going to Hibachi, a Japanese restaurant where the chef cooks at the table.  It’s a tradition and about the only time we go out to eat any more.  Of course, it is worth the wait!

Halloween video games

Halloween loot


7 thoughts on “Trick-or-treating

  1. Great costumes! Trick or treating is tonight for us – and I’m sure there will be tons of candy. Have fun going out to eat – it’s report card day today for Jessie too, but I’m not mentioning going out to eat….I know what her grades are already.

  2. Kids look great. I have been to Hibachi before, on the west end if I remember. It’s a good time. Taking Katie out for trunk or treat tonight, she is a UK cheerleader. The churches give candy out of the trunk of their cars at the church parking lots.


  3. Great Costumes!!! Anything Star Wars-related makes me nostalgic for my youth; I love that it’s still a huge hit! Cute little cowgirl! I’m surprised neither of my girls went for anything horse-related since they both LOVE horses. Hope you survive the sugar highs!

  4. Hey! I told my students to go out and get All of the candy! How did your kids end up with some? I like the idea of pooling the booty. We used to freeze a lot of the candy bars in freezer bags and pull them out when the kids got a hankering.

    nice outfits!

  5. We had a blast doing Halloween. It is nice just hitting family. Plenty of candy and all of it safe (aside from the cavity factor). We enjoyed eating Hibachi (it used to be on the West Side Chris, but has now moved to South Ridge) as a reward for good grades. We also saw High School Musical 3 too!

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