Who picked this location?

Teets?  Hooters?

As I was cruising down through the city the other day, I noticed the placement of these two signs.  Now, I don’t know about you, but to me, this was just too funny to pass up.  I had to say something about it, but what?  I don’t want to make crude jokes on this blog, but I can’t let such a piece of art-in-advertising go unnoticed!

Well, here it goes – I have become aware of the role of the WV Department of Agriculture and incumbent Commissioner Gus Douglass through my involvement with the WV Beekeepers Assoc.  I think he is generally well regarded and has done a good job at increasing the visibility of agriculture in the state.  I am not sure that I see significant policy differences between Mike Teets and Gus Douglass and both care about the state.  I think both seem to be running a clean campaign and are both practicing farmers.

So, how does one choose the better candidate?  Does sense of humor matter?    I doubt Mike Teets drove by Hooters and thought, “I gotta get me a billboard up there…people are gonna love that!”  Still, I won’t forget the candidate’s name come election day.  Regardless of which candidate gets my vote, one has instant, though, perhaps unfortunate name recognition.  It may be vindication for the years of junior-high torture he had to endure.  I don’t know who I will vote for and surely won’t put such an opinion on here, but it really hit me how important advertising and simple name recognition are in politics.  It also really makes me appreciate the last name I have!

7 thoughts on “Who picked this location?

  1. Oh My Gosh! Yeah, the junior high teasing must have been awful! I lived in NH when a candidate named Dick Sweat was running. That was 14 years ago but, you’re right, I still remember that name and I couldn’t for the life of me tell you who was running against him!

  2. *snort* I think Lynnie’s got you beat on the candidate name thing….too hilarious!! 🙂

    Although I did notice the other guy had anatomy in his last name as well…….

  3. Yeah, I think Lynnie has the winner there! I wouldn’t much care for any name like either of these. I am a grown man poking fun…I can’t imagine how hard jr high was!

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