Going Pink

Installing insulation

In an effort to make our house a bit more comfortable and to save on the energy bill, we have begun to add insulation to the crawlspace of our 70 year old house (which is otherwise uninsulated for the most part).  Our place is very odd in design.  We have a many levels in our house and all sorts of nooks and crannies.  Half of our basement is walk-in and finished while the other half is sub-surface and unfinished.  Even within our basement, there are two levels.  The crawlspace in question is under the formal living room and dining room and measures 33×13.  That’s lots of words for “it’s a pretty big space and pretty dang cold in the winter”.

Installing insulation

So, we headed to the home repair place to get insulation.  Abigail saw all of the pink and some of the blue foam insulation and insisted on getting pink (which was the appropriate type for our application luckily!)  So, I have been installing insulation in the crawlspace of the house.  In spots, I have 5 feet of headroom while in others I have 18 inches.

Cobwebs on my head

Of course, I don’t think anyone has dusted under there and spiders have enjoyed the landscape.  I came out several times to breathe, covered in cobwebs.  My bald head somewhat attracts them I guess, though I prefer bald to hairy in that situation.  I also discovered that one branch off of the main trunk from the furnace was unconnected and heating the crawlspace.  No wonder I have cold spots in the house!  Anyhow, I reconnected that and sealed it up so that it works as it should.  I have lots more to do but I have not yet worked up the courage to venture into spiderland again!  I expect the weekend will see me back fighting the arachnid army!

7 thoughts on “Going Pink

  1. Hooray for finding the disconnected duct! Kudos for installing the insulation yourself, too – makes me itchy just thinking about it.

  2. I still haven’t been back to it. Definitely will finish it this weekend though. I need to do my section of attic that is walk-in also…egads!

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