Refrigerator marble run

Our refrigerator

Like many refrigerators I have seen, ours is an exercise in chaos.  Both kids pretty much get the alphabet now but we’ve retained the magnet letters for some reason.  We occasionally form up some clever words but there is a limit to what can be spelled out.  In addition to the letters, the refrigerator serves as our command center of sorts.  All things kid-related are stuck to the front door, held in place by magnets that are one sheet of paper from being over-taxed.  Mo, one of our cats, seems to always push the envelope of magnetic tolerance and periodically clears the lower reaches.

Marble run on the refrigerator
I came across this post and it seemed like the perfect change…the fridge was just crying out for a change.  I junked a bunch of stuff and threw this marble run together pretty quickly.  Hot glue + magnets + plumbing odds and ends = fun!  Abigail and I messed with it quite awhile after supper until bed time.  I am sure that we’ll mess with it more this evening.

Marble run on the refrigerator
She was pretty quick to get the point of how the marble we were using knocked down through the system.  Unfortunately, she also had to see the underside of our oven and refrigerator as we tried to recover renegade marbles that understood physics better than we did!

Marble run on the refrigerator
Mo our cat was, of course, terribly interested in the entire bit of fun. He kept standing under the outlet and got thumped a few times watching the marble come down!

10 thoughts on “Refrigerator marble run

  1. Now this is awesome! I’m going to link to it from my blog. A great idea for a snowy day–or any day, in fact.

    Thanks for coming by my blog! I’m glad to have found yours.

  2. Oh, I have to have a clean fridge, things only get put on the side you can’t see.

    It’s a good thing we don’t have kids that would expect their artwork to be up there!!!

    That game reminds me to the old mousetrap game, I loved it when I was young!

  3. You could fashion some type of basket to catch the marble at the end.
    How fun! We’ll have to put this on our to-do list. I imagine it would be a great gift for our nieces and nephews as well.

  4. The kids were playing with it a bunch yesterday (school was canceled). Of course, it became an object of contention, but they had created many different paths even with the limited number of pieces. we finally put a metal cookie tin underneath it (good idea Laura) so it would make a loud when it hit. Pretty fun!

  5. Ahh….I knew that big white thing in my kitchen was good for something!!!! I will have to try this out! 😉 Thanks for all of your briliant ideas!

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