Uncle Warren

I loved the movie “Uncle Buck” when it first came out several years ago.  I think every kid ought to have an Uncle Buck – the kind of no-nonsense guy who sort of watches out for the kid, no matter what.  I liked it so much that my kids call my brother Uncle Buck – no, they really do –  I doubt they know his real name.

So Emily’s brother and sister-in-law are expecting which means Emily and I will be an aunt and uncle sometime in August.  I am typically a pretty no-nonsense guy so I am pretty much declaring myself to be L2D2’s “Uncle Buck” (though I hope he/she doesn’t call me that). I actually just got a hat very much like Uncle Buck’s a few weeks ago…

So, L2D2 you ask…what does that mean?  We don’t know the name or the gender of this child but we have to have to call the little bugger something.  We though about superhero names (Emily’s brother has a Superman tattoo) but that seemed sort of gender specific. I’d feel bad if I had called little Becky Spiderman for 9 months.  I considered going with Neonate 1 or Zygote Alpha in the style of the Presidential code name system but that didn’t seem to work either.  Emily and I both love Star Wars so we decided to go with L2D2, using the initials of the parents and the 2 for…well…version 2 of said parents.

So, without further adieu, I’d like to introduce you to L2D2, my niece/nephew!  


Congratulations L1D1! We are certainly very excited!

13 thoughts on “Uncle Warren

  1. I love all the bee hives in the header photo. Are these yours? I’m hoping to get a hive for Chiot’s Run this spring. I’ll be checking out all of your bee posts!

  2. I fully plan to be protective of this kid like I am my own…I am so excited!

    Susy – yup, those are my bees…I currently have 11 hives overwintering. I expect I will have splits in the spring!

    ETW – bingo…you are on the money. I don’t know when we’ll get more pics but I can’t wait to play “guess the sex”!

  3. Congrats OBWarren Kenobi! You’ll make a great uncle. My Uncle Buck was/is my dad’s best friend Jeff. You’re right, everyone needs at least one! 🙂

  4. Susy – my pleasure…I dig your blog

    Tipper – I can’t wait…plus I have to pay back L1D1 for all of the messy/noisy things they have ever bought for my kids…

    farm mom – OBWarren Kenobi – I love it!

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