I am not sure how he got through that one

(My family with Grandpa)

We went to PA a few weeks back for my Grandpa’s 95th birthday. I thought I would share a few stories about him in celebration of his 95 years!

– My grandpa was a great story teller. He wrote tons of things and I have copies of many of his writings. His stuff is so clever and I cherish it. His stories tell of all sorts of things from when he was a kid. His tales were tales of adventure or romance or insight into living through tough times.

– He was one of 8 children. The older ones were often tasked with watching the younger ones. Apparently at some point grandpa became too much trouble so the older ones strung him up in the barn. I am not sure how he got out of that one.

– He told about getting on top of train cars (which he hopped) and rocking them to confuse the winos and hobos.

– Grandpa was rebuilding the rear end of a tractor (not too long ago) when a gas leak tangled with a pilot light and blew him up. Actually, more through a wall than up…but anyhow, it melted his shoes to his feet somehow. I am not sure how he got out of that one.

(My new cousin with Grandpa)

– Grandpa got a motorcycle when he was in his 60s. I figure my first motorcycle ride was on the back of his bike. I got a motorcycle later on and loved it. I am not sure how either of us got out of that one.

– He often tinkered and built all sorts of stuff. He let me monkey in his garage and we tried all sorts of stuff. He was a genius with stuff like that though nothing ever had a safety guard. I am not sure how he got through that one.

– He went target shooting with some buddies and afterward, while enjoying the camp fire, threw a bunch of blanks into the fire. People scattered everywhere. Not sure how he got through that one.

_Grandpa loves to whistle and he whistles constantly.  I am sure that more than once, he has whistled and some husband turned his head to see who was whistling at his wife.  I am not sure how he got through that one.

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The stories go on and on and it’s hard to know how he survived many of his escapades. Isn’t that what makes a life well lived though? I am so proud to call my grandpa my inspiration. I certainly don’t want to ever look back and say that I only took the safe way through. I guess no one gets through life alive, but my Grandpa has spent every day of his life living it to the fullest!

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  1. Glad you got to spend time with the family. I am always amazed at the stories my grandparents have told me. My dad has a few good ones too since he grew up with 9 brothers and sisters. My Dad’s birthday was last week. I took some days off and played golf with him. I still like quite a bit to be able to out drive him.

  2. Do you have his stuff in electronic format? I would like to get more of it. We also need to figure out how to get that stuff off of the brother…

  3. He was one of 9. Uncle Huck (Huckleberry Finn) died in his forties long before you were born. All but two of the siblings lived to be in their 90’s. Grandpa is the last remaining.

  4. Loretta – I think it must be characteristic of large families that crazy stuff happens! I guess they figure that there are replacements should anyone have an unfortunate incident.

    brother – I have some in electronic format…would like to get the rest scanned in. I will work on that

    freckles & farm mom & Farm Chick Paula – he’s a great feller

    Mom – weren’t there 13 born and only 9 made it? I swear I remember that from somewhere.

    inadvertent farmer & ETW & Kris – I didn’t tell some of the crazier stories…so I think I am tame compared to him…but yes, I think it runs in the family!

  5. I think 13 was the other side of the family. Grandma P’s family. Anyway there was at least one other one that died in infancy that I know of.

  6. Congratulations to your Grandpa for living his life to the fullest. Definatly a character worth remembering. Cherish the stories. You need to write more about him too.

  7. warren your info is some what correct. my mom was one of 13 who lived out of 17 children from my side of the family dad

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