We started seeds about 2 weeks ago according to the signs.  Some folks may be naysayers but it seems to work (as do rain dances and adding a little eye of newt to the watering can…don’t be a doubter!).  Anyhow, we found a bunch of sprouts this weekend for just about everything we planted.  This first pass, we were heavy on tomatoes and cabbage though there is more to come!  I know most gardeners feel incredible excitement at the sight of seeds pushing through the dirt, but it can’t possibly compare to how excited I am this year. 

Winter is always a real drag for me so any signs of spring brighten my days and make me do a little garden dance…well really, a big barefoot, hobbit-feet-in-the-dirt garden dance.  Ok, picture this…me..barefoot, hollering and bounding through the dirt, rolling in the compost pile, gliding over the newly furrowed lines in the garden…yeah, that’s me!  Actually, come to think of it, the garden dance is not unlike the dance I do when I get a bee in my beesuit…but that’s a different dance altogether really.

Emily’s granddad always gets the itch pretty early too so we set seeds just as soon as we possibly can…but according to the signs.  He nurses the sprouts every day and talks to them.  We all sort of check on them as much as possible, but these sprouts are his babies. 

It’s a delight to watch him as he hums a tune or looks at the soil, trying to will the first head to pop through the soil.  We’ve all got the garden bug, thanks in great part to him.  Once the sprouts get in the ground, the tough work begins, and Emily and I love to rise to the occasion…but we always think of the simple joy of starting seds in the spring

Oh yeah…and for all of the doubters…here’s proof of spring in the South!

16 thoughts on “Sprouts!

  1. Happy First Day of Spring Warren!
    I get very excited too when seeing little sprout poking through the dirt but I don’t do any dance.

    YDavis’s last blog post..Dog Town

  2. Great pics warren! Thanks for sharing with us! Especially for us poor sods in the north who’s temps are in the 30’s and who’s daffodils are still just sprouts themselves!! 🙂

    farm mom’s last blog post..Catharsis

  3. I tried sprouting seeds once. Just no good room to do it here. FYI…Cats like to eat sprouts. Someday I hope to have a greenhouse and I’ll be a sprouting fool.
    Um, yeah, I’d love to see video of your spring-time dance as well! Hey we can all give you scores like on Dancing With the Stars!

    Caprilis’s last blog post..I just didn’t believe it… Crockpot Lasagna!

  4. Last year I planted a few tomatoes and some squash. The tomatoes did ok. I think i am going to do a small butterfly garden this year. I don’t really have enough room for a real garden. Plus we have too many rocks.

    I do know what you mean about getting warmer. I love being outside.

  5. Don’t you dare knock “the signs”. I totally believe in the gravitational pull of the lunar phase. Trust me on this one…I even used the signs for all my youngin’s births…all four born on full moons. Go figure that one.

    cheesychick’s last blog post..#5 of my 52 week challenge

  6. Spring really seemed to pop for me this weekend. Lots of stuff is blooming now…the bees are working like mad gathering pollen…I am finally getting back to normal!

    and freckles, planting by the signs is an old tradition of planting according to the zodiac/moon/planets/etc. I put a link at the top of the post for you to check out some if it. It can be pretty complicated…but also fun!

  7. Feel free to bring the tiller by here. My small one is an awful lot of work… And your tiller, your work, so it would be infinately better.

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