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Abigail has had her first visit from the tooth fairy.  One of her bottom teeth has been loose for a few weeks and yesterday it just fell right out of her head!  The school has plastic tooth necklaces that the students use to bring the offending chomper home.  

Emily’s mom had recently sewn a tooth fairy pouch in which to place the tooth until the tooth fairy comes.  This pouch has a nice feature where it can be hung on the door knob so the tooth fairy can easily remove the tooth and leave her present.

In our house, the kids seem to have the same tooth fairy.  We figure they are unionized and the local shop sends a common fairy to our place.  She always leaves a gold dollar coin and gives the kids a big kiss on the cheek with her red sparkly lipstick.

When the tooth fairy visits your house, is she from the same shop as ours or does she work differently?

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  1. Lily has lost two bottom teeth. The first one was quite difficult. There was alot of screaming and crying. I worked with her for 2 hours. Then Nathan gets in there and pulls it right out. The second one fell out while she was eating Wendy’s French Fries. She started crying and I saw the bloody tooth. I was gonna pull it when it feel out in my hand.

    As far as the tooth fairy goes, we waited till the second one came out. She placed them under her pillow and I put a couple of dollars under there for her. She was very excited.

  2. One of my daughter’s friends gets $15 PER TOOTH! I had to explain to Jessie that tooth fairies are different in each town – and we didn’t live in the same town. So she is happy with her dollars that she gets…..

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  3. Our tooth fairy left a few dollars for the first tooth, but only a buck or two for subsequent teeth. One night, she forgot to show up, but then Daddy “found” the money in the hallway where she must have dropped it by accident.

  4. Loretta – you mean the tooth fairy put a couple of bucks under her pillow? I thought so…

    Connie – that’s cool! We leave out reindeer food, but never saw Santa’s tracks!

    Kris – Holy moley! $15? I like our tooth fairy group better I think…she is more affordable!

    freckles – sounds like a very nice tooth fairy! I love that they have such flexibility!

    Erica – We once had to leave a note for the TF to tell her we were out of town. She found us though!

    YD – I bet you could…gotta have the teeth though!

    ETW – TF is busy…sometimes she does make mistakes. Glad ET found the loot!

    Laura-Jane – That’s the best part! Abigail was soooo excited!

    Lynnie – Abigail was a long time in losing her tooth compared to Isaac, anyhow…this was a huge deal at our place! Tooth fairies seem to know the perfect place to start btw!

  5. You know, I did a much better job at this with the 1st 2 kids. By the time Mousey came along, she would come out of her room in the morning and tell me the Tooth Fairy FORGOT! Then I would have to go in and “find” the money, that was mysteriously IN the pillow case or something. Wink, wink. She got WAY more money though!!!

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  6. Capri Kel – we have been lucky so far that the TF has not forgotten, as I am sure it does cost her more…union rules require it!

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