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Since I was a kid, I have been allergic.  I am allergic to everything that walks or talks or floats through the air.  We didn’t have air conditioning, of course, when I was a kid.  We didn’t need it in the woods of NW PA (though it’s hotter there now).  But we did sleep with the windows open all night so I often woke with a solid dusting of pollen all over my body.  Of course, that also meant I was sick pretty much all of the time.  I went to an allergist in NY (the closest there was) and he wrote on my chart (which I still have) that I was “a most unusual and interesing case”.  He also noted that, while in his office, “…I coughed until I threw up and then continued coughing.”  Charming…so I have allergies to all sorts of foods and trees and everything, like I said…and they are bad.

When we lived in TN, there was something different.  Very few things bothered me there.  The trees in Nashville were, in many cases, very different from what we had in PA or here in WV.  It was a pretty easy-going time allergy-wise for me.  I just figured that all my brains had leaked out through my nose or that I had outgrown my allergies.

Fastforward a few years and we returned to live in WV.  Allergies kicked my butt all over again.  Folks think I am in a constant state of mourning as my eyes are always red.  I must seem more emotional than a teenage girl!  I am actually a bit like an older lady who keeps tissues up her sleeve.  I can’t leave home without them.  All that was the case until last year when I decided I couldn’t live like that (puberty and menopause at the same time was a drag!)  I went to a local allergist and he confirmed that I am a most unusual and interesting case.  I started allergy shots last year and have continued.  So far I am still boy-like and not a miserable mess of histamine-reaction!


Today I have to go back to the doctor for my checkup.  I am not sure what exactly goes down at an allergy checkup.  I suppose he needs to make sure it is all working as planned.  Whatever the case, I am happy to go back because it seems as if my allergies are under control with the shots I have been taking this past year!  The best part is that every time I go to the allergist, I leave with a lollipop…without fail.  I suppose they leave the candy out there for the kids, but I need encouragement to get my shots too!

Anyhow, do you folks have allergies?  Do you take shots or have other remedies?

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  1. we ALL have hayfever – benadryl and claritin usually work though. And Todd is allergic to anything growing outside – he gets the shots. Me, I’ll live with them before getting shots!

    Kris Bair’s last blog post..Farmyard Babies

  2. This time of the year is bad for me. I thought I finally found an allergy pill that works(Zyertac) but I think my body has now immuned to it. Worked fine last year but not so good this year. I don’t think I need the shots yet.

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  3. Since moving to WV, my allergies have been 10x worse than ever before. I’d had enough, so I went to an allergist as well; I left with drops, pills, sprays, and yup, shots! I go once a week, and it’s starting to help.

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  4. Our son has to take allergy shots every week too. Unlike Warren, Isaac is able to brave the shots without the need for a lollipop at the end!

  5. For animal allergies, I found a homeopathic remedy that works like a dream on my particular symptoms. If homeopathy intrigues you, see a professional, as a remedy will depend on your particular symptoms. For other outdoor allergies (mold, grass) I’ll take a Claritin.

  6. Thankfully, no one at our house is allergic to anything. Except Mousey, to a certain medication, but that is easily avoided.

    My brother is not so lucky though. At certain times of the year, he probably looks like you. He has had shots as well.

    You Poor Thang.

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  7. Before I started the shots last year, there was nothing at all that would touch my allergies. I am so glad that they have helped!

    Kris – I like benadryl and zyrtec…both make me a little drowsy but they sort of work for me!

    YD – the shots aren’t so bad…I am lucky in that my allergist is very convenient to my office. Still, they are working!

    Carly – I don’t know what it is about WV! It’s the same way in PA where I grew up. Nashville was wonderful for allergies!

    Emily – poor kid..I’ll have to mention to him all that he is missing!

    d.a. – I think homeopathic remedies might be interesting. I eat honey with is my only real exposure to it, but it’s interesting for sure!

    Capri Kel – it’s only the boys in our house and we both take the shots. I don’t remember whether they worked as a kid, but as an adult, they are working very well for me!

  8. Had allergies as a kid…mold and many foods, did the shot thing. Out grew all of them but one at pubety…penicillian will still cause me to have hives and my throat to swell shut, yep fun!

    One of my kids had the same food allergies as I did and also out grew them at puberty…2 out of the first three have the same anitbiotic allergy as I do. We’ll see about the newest batch of kids….allergies suck!

  9. HA! You are right Kim..allergies do suck! I outgrew some stuff but the bad stuff is still with me. It is such a drag but this year has been better…it’s gotta be the shots!

  10. An allergy occurs when the body’s immune system has an exaggerated reaction to a usually harmless substance. The most common allergens (substances that trigger the allergy) are dust mites, molds, pollen, pets with fur or feathers, stinging insects, and some kinds of foods.

  11. An allergist/immunologist can provide expert medical advice and treatment in the evaluation and management of people with allergic diseases, asthma and immune problems (see above for types of patients seen). This includes the ability to perform and interpret allergy testing, expertise in treating complex allergic diseases and asthma, as well as the ability to prescribe allergen immunotherapy (allergy shots).

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