Was he ever angelic?

We visited my parents a few weeks ago and had a chance to look through some old pictures and talk about stuff. We found one picture of my Dad and some of his friends (sometime in the mid-1950s) as they were dressed to perform their duties as alter boys at the Episcopal church in their hometown.

A few things caught my attention. I don’t know if you do this, but I always get this silly picture in my head of people in little kid bodies, but with their adult heads. I guess it almost is bobble-head-ish, but I always have a hard time imagining people as they were “back then”. So, I see this picture of my Dad and it sort of makes me remember that he is human (though sometimes I wonder…) and that he was a kid once, probably a knucklehead like I was/am and also like my son sometimes is now. He probably even played with toys and had childhood romances and collected boogers like Isaac does now (not really). Isn’t it weird though, how it’s hard to imagine your parents as people (smile) let alone as kids?

Anyhow, my Dad was in the back row, far right near the old man with funny glasses.  That brings me to the other thing that caught my attention.  There is a huge variety of style captured in that one picture.  It’s sort of funny how many different hair-dos there are…from flat tops to greasers to duck’s tails.  It sort of cracks me up but is a neat look back in time…ancient history in fact.  Although, many of those hair styles can still be seen today!

8 thoughts on “Was he ever angelic?

  1. Yeah, as I look back through all of these old pics I see my mom and dad partying with their friends, care-free and having fun and I see them in a completely different light. I would have liked to hang out with them if I hadn’t been their kid.

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  2. I feel sorry for kids who wore glasses back then (like the one in the front). There were only a few styles for kids and they were all ugly. Now, they have a million styles for kids (of course, they cost just as much as adult glasses – I know – Buddy’s been in glasses since he was 18 mos old and gets a new pair every 12 months). Ugh. At least they’re not ugly. 🙂

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  3. The best picture of my dad was when he was in the military. He was shirtless and carrying an M-16. Very Rambo! Just missing the headband. It is hard for me to imagine what it was like. I wonder if I could out run him! He always liked to challenge my older brothers to a race.

  4. Warren, I have a few chill bumps for it is amazing for how things change but yet they don’t. The hairstyles kinda remain but the camera that took this picture is nothing like the camera’s we have today.

  5. Caprilis – it is so weird…and then I hear stories…of them actually having fun and acting like people…it blows my mind some!

    Capri Kel – I am sure of that! They were a rough crowd that my Dad ran with I think. Good folks, but into “stuff”!

    ETW – that poor kid! The bad thing is, he had to probably wear them a long time too…they wouldn’t break I am sure so he was stuck with them!

    Loretta – that’s a funny picture…but never try to out run your dad. If he’s like mine, he’ll go get the truck and run you down before he’d lose…

    tipper – I like them too…esp when I know a little story behind them!

    St. Fairsted – I hadn’t thought about the technology changes…but you are absolutely right. I guess we won’t cycle through that area, but fashion and the like definitely cycles back around! Geez I hope we miss the 70s!

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