Flat in WV!

When we lived in Nashville, TN, we had a beautiful flat piece of land on a flat, dead-end road with 5 houses.  We played outside all the time.  We messed around in the yard and we rode bikes.  We rode bikes constantly. 

Isaac started riding his little Red Flyer tricycle there and graduated to a two-wheeler with training wheels.  He was briliant on a bike.  He got better and better and quickly was able to ride without training wheels.  In fact, he was so good that I took his training wheels off one day and he jumped right on his bike and rode off.  He never has wrecked since that day.

Charleston, WV is not flat space.  We moved here when Abigail was 3.  She had just started to ride bikes in TN so moving here definitely stunted her bike riding ability.  I suppose my brother and I were born on bicycles.  Not sure how my Mom worked that out and I sort of hope we keep it that way.  Anyhow, we were always on bikes and I need for my kids to be that way too.  It’s been tough here though since we have no flat space to ride.

There is a neat area in Charleston called Kanawha City that has neat homes and flat back streets right along the river.  Typically, there isn’t much gunfire, during the day at least, so we were able to ride pretty freely this weekend.  Several of the back streets are very bike friendly.  Cars typically are aware of bikes so it’s an ideal situation.  Our only barrier until now was how to get all of our bikes to Kanawha City.  We have a bike carrier but none of us was smart enough to figure out how to use it.  This weekend, after 3 years of holding out (seriously), I caved in and finally read the instructions.  We hooked it all up and made it to flat ground in WV!  We rode bikes like when I was a kid (i.e. with abandon!) and had a blast and will definitely be back!  The best part is that my bike has a speedometer so Isaac and I had fun watching our speed (the speed limit in Kanawha City is 25…I can say no more for fear of the repercussions).  We were careful to obey most of the rules of the road!

(Isaac’s first bike!)

Were you a “biker” when you were a kid?  If not, what did you do when you played outside?

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  1. Bikes, skates, street football, tag, chase, tree climbing, rock hopping… good times. Man. We gotta move. We aren’t playing enough here. I am glad your bike rack is opening up new paths for you!

  2. I remember the one night coming back from cook forest when you were a lifeguard. Rain like crazy, you froze.Different kind of bike that time. Have fun. Dad

  3. I would ride by bike back and forth to my grandmothers house across the road. If we wanted to go in the woods, it wasn’t as easy. I guess when I got old enough we started riding the 3 wheelers (aka ATV) in the trails behind our house. There was always something fun to explore being around a farm. That is when we didn’t have work to do.

    On another note, Lily hasn’t learned how to ride her bike either. We live at the end of a cul-de-sac and have a good driveway to ride. But she just won’t let go of those training wheels. I take them off and she just wants them back on. We haven’t tried very much this spring. Oh well, it is just going to take a while.

  4. Oh heck yeah! This country girl lived on her bike. In fact, when my little sis was born (I was 10) I upgraded to the 10 speed with the baby carrier on back and took her everwhere with me! Glad you guys found a nice spot to ride. Great pics. I particularly like Isaac’s first bike….he looks ready to take on the world! 🙂

    farm mom’s last blog post..The Winners

  5. We didn’t have bikes when we lived in Colombia because they would get stolen. When we lived there we were always in skates and one skateboards. When we were in here in the U.S. we had bikes we rode around one.

    Chiot’s Run’s last blog post..BRRRR, it’s Cold Outside!

  6. All the kids had bikes where I lived growing up, though I think I didn’t take off the training wheels until I was 6 or 7. It’ll be the same for my kids since we live on a rough bumpy dirt road. We do have a great bike path nearby though and we’ve gotten a lot of practice. It’s hard with 2 kids when one takes off and the other has to be verbally coached through each tire rotation. We’ll make it one day!

    Lynnie’s last blog post..The Egg Thief

  7. I remember when you and your brother first rode without training wheels. You came in yelling about running into the pineapple tree. We had pine trees and apple trees and you weren’t sure which one your brother had hit. Or the time you raced down the Dam Hill (Tionesta Dam) and your brother fell and cut his arm pretty bad. You both came into the office with a beach towel wrapped around his arm with blood all over it. He still has pepples in is elbow from that trip down the hill.

  8. Totally loved my bike. It was red…but I do remember pining after my best girlfriends bike…she had a banana seat on hers with a basket in the front. It wasnt so much the seat that I wanted(okay, maybe it was)but I really wanted that basket…so I could take my rabbit with me when I went out riding.

    Happy for you that you got to find a cool place to ride. Even happier for the kids that you finally figured out how to use the bike rack.

    frugalmom’s last blog post..Just stuff

  9. We too are dealing with land issues. Where we lived in Ohio it was as flat as can be (not as pretty as it is here in Alabama but great for riding horses.) Now, since we moved here I am scared to ride my horses (we have some nasty drop offs.)

    I love the views we have but it’s not easy to play ball, ride horses, or anything like… 🙁

  10. Oooh, I LOVED my bike! It was blue with a silver sparkly banana seat! No sissy bar though, I always wanted a tall sissy bar!
    We rode all over tarnation! Across major streets too. I would NEVER let our kids go so far!

    Capri Kel’s last blog post..Ladies Night From Last Month

  11. It really is dangerous to learn to ride here. Many of the hills are incredibly steep and not good at all for learning. I am so excited though to see my kids loving the bike as much as I did. We took some nasty spills but had more fun than anything. It’s cool to see everyone’s comments…I guess it’s nearly universal!

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