My First Wife

We were looking back through some old pictures and I always laugh out loud when I see pictures of my first wife Emily when she was a kid. I know it was a long time ago, but old pictures always seem like a different world.

I think most of these pictures are pretty cute, but Emily’s Great-grandmother gave her opinion to the contrary. She told Emily that she “…always was an ugly child, but she’s growing out of it.” My wife has grown so good at holding her tongue…and I think she is a beauty now for sure!

Emily has always been a competitive girl and you can see evidence here…she was participating in an egg hunt and ran out of “arm space”. Her final egg she carried in her mouth!

It sort of cracks me up to look at pictures of people as they grow up. Emily was a pretty tough thing (notice the broken arm in a baby picture above). In fact, growing up she wanted to be a truck driver, a bar tender and Supergirl. I am glad she stuck with the super hero choice! I am so happy though, that her parents did not let her change her name as she had planned to do. “Emily” suits her much better than “Supergirl”!

Anyhow, I really cherish these pictures of her and hope you’ll indulge my need to share…

13 thoughts on “My First Wife

  1. Chip…. Where are the old pics of YOU?!?! Be careful, I’m sure I have some that I could dig up…. Regarding the comment from Em’s great grandmother who called her an ugly child…. A friend of mine recently said to me, “You know, Ame, you’re the only person I know who gets better looking as you get older… because you had a couple of really ugly years in your 20’s!” Uh…. thanks… I think?!!

  2. That top pictures looks so much like an older Abigail to me, it’s uncanny!
    My fave, though, is the tough baby photo, with the cast on her arm, the bandaid on her knee and the sassy smile on her face. 🙂

    Farmgirl_dk’s last blog post..A Saturday introduction

  3. Love the pics!

    Probably when I see myself with the big poofy hair it really cracks me up. I can’t believe I used that much hairspray.

  4. Deb – Don’t worry. There will never be a second wife. I’ll kill him first. He’s quite aware of this (as I have a better aim than he) – that’s what makes our marriage work!

  5. Amy – keep your pics to yourself! Anyhow, compliments like that always make me feel so…uh…good inside!

    Farmgirl_dk – that cast was well earned I think. She was quite a piece of work. There are tons of rowdy pics like that in the archives!

    farm mom – it scares the crap out of me!

    Granny sue – I agree!

    Cath – She’s at least my most recent wife!

    Erica – and acts like her too!

    Loretta – if there is anyone I can’t imagine with poofy hair, it is you! I gotta see pics!

    Capri Kel – I know! She only cost me two camels and 6 goats!

    Deb – see Emily’s comment!

    Emily – uh…yes dear…

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