Our pal Franco Harris

Emily works at Piedmont Elementary, an inner-city school in Charleston, WV.  The kids there are ethnically diverse and a great number come from poverty homes.  In spite of those issues (and they are many), there are so many great things about the school.  The staff generally want to be there (because you wouldn’t stay if you didn’t), and the principal has a passion for doing whatever is best for the kids.  Piedmont is one of only a few year round schools in WV, thanks to the principal’s passion to serve the kids.  Year round school gives the kids consistency and at least 2 regular meals year round.

Mr Knighton, the principal also knows a lot of people.  Yesterday, one of his contacts delivered.  Franco Harris of the famous Immaculate Reception and the Super Bowl-ring-heavy Pittsburgh Steelers was speaking in Charleston yesterday and had some free time.  Mr Knighton’s friend was able to schedule some time for the Piedmont kids to meet Franco Harris and he delivered a talk on eating right, making wise choices, etc.  The kids, none of whom were alive when Franco played football, enjoyed the talk and the chance to meet a football great!  It was a great treat for the kids and the staff (who DO remember when he played!)

Emily was able to have Franco Harris sign my Steelers hat which has taken its rightful position on my pillow, right beside my head.  He was very gracious to all the kids who had questions and wanted autographs as well.  I absolutely dig it when sports stars come back to Earth and do great things for people who need it.

So what about you…do you have any autographs or stories of famous folks?

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  1. I love this story and Franco Harris. The only famous person I ever met was Harry Connick Jr. After a concert we caught him signing autographs and talking to people. I took my mom to this concert for her birthday and she was so excited to meet him too. He was so sweet(and a little dreamy too). Ask my mom though…her claim to fame was John Glenn stepping on her foot on her senior trip.

  2. Warren, I actually know who this sport person is!!!!!!
    When I was in high school, I dated a guy who was a Steelers FANATIC! This was in their heyday. I remember who several of those guys were. That is a miracle in itself!
    Good for Franco for investing in those kids lives, and doing such a wonderful thing! Emily too, for that matter.

    I can’t think of a famous person I have met, except Joni Earackson Tada. Abby is even featured briefly in one of her books.She is a lovely, funny, completely down to earth woman.

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  3. Oh man, do I ever remember old #32. That was back when Football was really fun for me. My little league time was the Horsepen Steelers and our uniforms where the same as the pros, well, kinda anyway. Those were some good times and I am so glad to see one of my heros staying in touch with the kids of today. Would have loved to been there too man. Great post.


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  4. Well I guess you could say that I waited out in the freezing cold two nights in a row to meet the cast of Wicked at the Gershwin in NY. Miriam Margolyes that played Madame Sprout in Harry Potter was part of the cast. I had wanted to spend a night doing something else but my friends insisted on getting ALL of the cast members to sign their playbill even after spending $70 for a poster that was already signed. Oh well, the play was still great!

  5. When we lived in Nashville, we used to see famous folks pretty often. Musicians, hockey and football players were around the city quite a bit. They always came up asking for my autograph!

  6. Oh, I have met loads of famous people… or should I say they have met ME. 🙂 My favorite autograph is of Brian Urlacher who is a CHICAGO BEAR… but I don’t have it anymore, it washed off when I took a shower. I won’t tell you where on my body he signed, and I definately won’t tell you what he said when he signed me.


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