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There is a great artists’ community in Charleston.  A week or two ago, the city celebrated Festivall where “a city becomes a work of art”.  It really is a tremendous display and a ton of fun.

Although we love to see local/original art, we can’t always afford to buy pieces we see.  We found a new source though, that suits my needs and interests perfectly.  We have started framing art by the kids and of the kids.

This father’s day, Emily and the kids had one of Abigail’s pieces framed.  It’s one of my favorite pieces of art in the house.  We hung it in the bedroom so I could see it every day.  I’ll always hang drawings with bees!

While at Festivall this year, we ran across a caricature artist and had him draw the kids.  I am not sure that they exactly look like my kids, but they look like kids I have seen somewhere.  Anyhow, we still like them a lot too.  The most important part of those drawings is that the kids each sat still for 15 minutes while the artist did his work.  I think that time might be in record territory!

Do you hang “local art” in your place?

8 thoughts on “Local Art

  1. In my cubicle I have a scribble of a house lily did for me. I think it has a few butterflies as well. I have some stuff she did in school this year but I have yet to hang it up. I am terrible about putting things on the wall. Once I get her baseball pictures I am going to break down and buy some frames. I’ll somehow arm wrestle Nathan into getting these on the wall.

  2. Warren, kid’s art is my absolute favorite, hand’s down! Their perspective of the world, unstudied freedom of expression, and lack of ego makes their art what I think of as the truest sort…soooo cool that you’re framing and treasuring it! 🙂 🙂

    .-= Robbyn´s last blog ..Herbed Potato Soup =-.

  3. I love getting the kids’ art framed so we can display it. It is the only “original” art we own! It also provides so many memories.

  4. They actually sat still for 15 minutes? Wow!
    I don’t have any kids of my own but I have kept kid’s arts from my piano students or friend’s kids.
    .-= YDavis´s last blog ..Golden Friday =-.

  5. We were especially lucky that Isaac’s preschool in TN had some very creative folks. We framed a bunch of his work and gave it as gifts…

    I still love it better than anything else I have seen!

  6. Kids art is the best – and there’s no chance of it slipping off the fridge and getting run over if you frame it!
    .-= Kris Bair´s last blog ..Life =-.

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