My Wife’s cankle

I mentioned awhile back that we were supposed to have foundation work done. Originally, they were to begin the work on June 29. That got postponed until July 20th…yesterday (and was postponed again…more later). In preparation, we had to move the beehives that I have at the house as they were very near where the work needed to be done. Emily valiantly attempted to help me move the bees but took two stings to her ankle early on in the move. For several reason (including footwear…I need to wear shoes when I mess with my bees!) I took around 30 stings. I have been stung so many times over the years that those stings don’t really bother me (though I typically prefer to minimize my exposure…when I am using my brain). Emily, on the other hand, has been stung much less frequently. As much as stings don’t affect me, they do affect Emily. Her ankle swelled to double it’s original size and hurt/itched.

I hear lots of people say they are allergic to bees. A reaction similar to Emily’s is not really an allergic least not how most people intend it.  Most people will react like Emily did.  Her reaction was localized and not life threatening (though she may beg to differ).  The allergic reaction that is of concern is one that causes an anaphylactic response.  An anaphylactic reaction is a widespread and severe and may lead to death in a short time if untreated.  Very few people actually will show an anaphylactic reaction to bee stings.  Of course, I am not a doctor…I only played doctor as a teen so don’t take my word for these things.

So, while bee stings may be unpleasant, most times they are bearable.  She’s still suffering some, but fear not, she is not suffering in silence.  I can’t say as I blame her though.  She’s a tough one so it must really hurt.  I suppose she’ll pay me back for that someday.  Still, I appreciate her help and willingness to dig in!

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  1. My leg/ankle still looks awful but it feels a lot better today. I really don’t mind messing with the bees – I just need a bigger bee suit so I can wear jeans underneath! You’d think as awful as my leg looks that it would get more sympathy out of Warren 🙂

  2. Your medical assessment is pretty accurate Warren. Most everyone, except those like you who have been stung hundreds of times, will have the normal reaction like your wife (ie pain swelling and itching). SOme unlucky people, like you pointed out, will have an anaphlactic reaction which is a very lifethreating condition that should be treated IMMEDIATELY!!

  3. MR Chiots got stung on the chest last time, he just looked like he had one giant pectoral muscle (perhaps a good alternative instead of working out if you need to look good on a minutes notice).

    I usually just wear flip flops and shorts & a T when working with the bees. Mr Chiots sometimes wears the outfit sometimes not.
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  4. I love honey but not the stings bees can give. Hope Emily is better today and the swelling is down for her.

    Dora Renee’ Wilkerson

  5. My old wife is a good girl! She was a trooper for the 47 seconds she hung around during the process! Really, I do appreciate her attempt and I know it bee stings really hurt some people…

    Now, regarding face stings, she didn’t take any to the face but I did. Like Karl said, I can take about any sting but I really hate eyelids and in the nose. I’ve had both several times…

  6. I feel for you Emily, I got hit by wasps twice this past week. My mom is one of those people that are deathly allergic to bee stings… also fire ants ect. It developed later in her life so I worry it might happen to me too.
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  7. Better late posting, than never. I got stung over the weekend by one of our bees and my ankle/leg still looks similar to your photo 🙂 I used the word cankle on my dog board and a few folks had no idea what I was talking about. So, I referenced your pic and page 🙂

    Love your blog!

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