Speaking of Dig…

(I am the luckiest guy alive!)

I really dig my wife.  Today is our 15 year anniversary.  I like to look back at the old pictures of our wedding day and remember what it was like to weigh 150 pounds (I was a skinny thing) and have hair, and look young.  Sometimes I like to look back at pictures and reminisce, but really, I prefer our life right now.  We’ve had our ups and downs, but we count many more ups in our favor.  We’re mature in our relationship and especially lately, we’ve grown closer than we ever have been before.  So today, on our 15th anniversary, I’d like to say I love my wife so very much and I would indeed marry her all over again!

22 thoughts on “Speaking of Dig…

  1. I’d marry you all over again too. However, I would suggest that this time we elope. (Weddings are WAY too expensive!) Here’s to another 15!

  2. Congratulations you two! My hubby and I are getting ready to celebrate 22 years. I’d marry him all over again too.
    Emily, I second your idea on eloping! We didn’t even spend that much (paid for everything ourselves), but the stress about did us in.
    .-= Ceecee´s last blog ..A Picture Worth a Thousand Words =-.

  3. You two make a great couple. I couldn’t have done better if I’d have picked you myself. Have a wonderful 15th. Much love, and laughs. Mom

  4. Happy Anniversary! With the whole house lift going on I hope you take the time to enjoy each other today. Next August is Brian and my 15 year and he just told me he’s taking me back to Maui. I’m not sure what the gift is for 15 years but I’m pretty sure nothing could beat that.

  5. Congrats! Yeah it is hard for me to believe I have been married that long too. We look like kids in the pictures but I certainly didn’t think I was a kid at the time.

  6. Congratulations, you two!! Jack and I agree life’s SO great when shared with together with your beloved who also is your best friend 🙂

    .-= Robbyn´s last blog ..Dog Dreams =-.

  7. She is a great girl and I have certainly pushed her tolerances I am sure. Still, it is great to be married to Emily. I know deep down that she’s my favorite wife ever!

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