Ever hula-hoop on a hillside?

We went to a family reunion this weekend.  It started a few years ago as a pig roast but after Aunt Margaret got into the liquor cabinet and decided the pig needed a drink too, we have toned it down some and now have burgers and similar picnic food.  We always have a great time but it’s never really a reunion until Emily’s cousin and I blow something up or do something stupid.

This year, we opted for stupid…we started off by hula-hooping on a hillside.  See, in WV, there is very little flat land.  Any land that is flat is a flood plain and lately, that land is pretty soggy with all the rain.  So, we decided to hula-hoop on the hillside.  Isaac was the only smart one.  He started off wearing a helmet.

The kid is a genius with a hula-hoop!  He can walk around spinning it.  He can walk and talk and probably could bake a cake while hula-hooping.  It turns out, his sister is similarly gifted.  Me, on the other hand…I am not so blessed.  I got the rhythm and lubricated joints, but I just cannot hula…and especially not on a hillside.

Cousin “D” and I discussed it and we decided hula-hooping on a hillside was no where near stupid enough.  The kids brought their razor scooters.  We stood at the top of the hill and a dim light lit above my head.  A-ha!  I know stupid when I see it.  Both my Mom and wife said at the same time, “He won’t be happy until he hurts himself or someone else.”  Oh how I wish all of you could be known that well by somone.

Anyhow, I jumped on the scooter and headed down the hill.  The first few rides were fine but I quickly discovered that the front wheel bore too much of my weight on the wet ground.  Finally, just like my Mom and wife said, I was able to finally be happy.  I sunk the front wheel in deep and the scooter stopped.  I was not so lucky.  I went head over heels and did a very dramatic roll down the hill.  Now that’s stupid!

(click for a video)

I want you to notice the whole row of adults watching the geniuses ride down the hill. Just like a car wreck, they had to watch!

12 thoughts on “Ever hula-hoop on a hillside?

  1. I was happy to let you and the kids try all the stunts. As my friend Linda says, “I’m not stuck on stupid!”

  2. I used to be a champ-peen hula hooper!!!

    Which one of those redneck guys says “you can’t fix that kind of stupid” ?

    They know you AND they love you in spite of yourself!
    .-= Capri Kel´s last blog ..Goomba-ba Ganoush =-.

  3. “It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt. Then it’s freakin’ hilarious.”

    Yes, all the relatives look like they are at a NASCAR event–just waiting for an amazing wreck. Glad you were able to oblige. 🙂
    .-= Ceecee´s last blog ..Where Did the Summer Go? =-.

  4. Caprilis – I think you are right! We have so many brain cells…it just forces the hair right out!

    Emily – she is a true thinker!

    Erin – Ahhh! Great idea! Next year…

    Capri Kel – I think it must be learned as a child…I never did it then. Anyhow, I am lucky they tolerate all my silliness! Someone needs to bring new socks and underwear at the hospital

    Kim – she always encourages my tricks…I wonder about the life insurance now…

    YD – my first fall was also my last…I’ll keep trying though!

    Ceecee – it was freakin’ hilarious too! They really do look like a nascar bunch don’t they?

    Razor FF – thanks!

    Natalie – That sounds like a great idea too! Next year…

  5. lol.. These are great.

    Ok, this weekend once we get back I’ll have my kids try to hula hoop in our front yard (it’s pretty hilly.) I should get some good laughs from it as long as the chiggers and red ants don’t get them..lol..
    .-= Dora Renee’ Wilkerson´s last blog .. =-.

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