Oh the West Virginia hills, how majestic and how grand

I have told people that we are hilly here in WV.  I think most people don’t really understand what I mean when I say hilly.  You see, there are very few spots of flat land in Charleston, WV and most of those are either in a bad flood plain or are underneath some business.  The rest of the area is hilly.  Some  say you need a longer leg on one side to walk the hills and it’s true.  We take our hills seriously in WV.  I decided to take a video of my ride home from work one day.  There are a couple ways I could go but this is my typical route.  I am not sure that this video even does the trip justice, but I think you’ll get the idea…


(please holler/leave a comment if this video doesn’t work for you…some folks have had trouble…I can reset the webserver which may help)

I love the WV hills for sure and so did the author of our state song…an atrocious song, but one that honors our hills.  Ok, promise me you’ll listen to that song and then I’ll share with you a few more WV songs…go on…have a listen…

(stop it at around 5:15 if you are easily offended…this is the only version I could find)

See what I mean?  It’s a bit painful isn’t it?

Most people are familiar with the John Denver song, Country Roads.  Have a listen to it:

Some folks fuss about this song but I don’t pay much attention to them.  This is a great song and, for me anyhow, a real WV song.

So, John Denver’s song is a WV song, but in my mind, the WV song is this one:

(here’s an audio only version which may be clearer)

Emily and I went to college at West Virginia Wesleyan College, where this song was first introduced to me. Dang, it brings a tear to my eye every time I hear it.

So, I love my WV hills. My wife says they wrap her up and hug her every day as she looks out on them. I can’t think of a better way of putting it. I love my home among the hills!

15 thoughts on “Oh the West Virginia hills, how majestic and how grand

  1. Where you driving Steve and recording that at the same time?! The roads are very curvy, there is no straight shots there. It’s so weird to see all the trees and how green it is, I am soooo jealous. BTW the white house on the right at 1:28, I wanna live there.. WV is absolutely beautiful!

  2. My favorite WV song is “My Home Among the Hills”. I often joke that I want it played at my funeral so if people aren’t crying about my death they can cry over the song. Either way – I get some crying in.

  3. I know the road you taped–it’s a twister all right, and plenty of traffic too which makes it even more interesting!

    I’d post my drive home on my blog, but it would take an hour to watch–from city to interstate to two-lane, through a small town, two-lane out to the country to one lane kind of paved, then to gravel and occasionally 4WD only, then to my long driveway. Lovely drive, but a l-o-n-g one.
    .-= Granny Sue´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday: Around Joe’s Run =-.

  4. Couldn’t get the vid, but then I’m net stoopid so…
    Its real hilly around here too, driving flat land these days gives me reverse claustrophobia when I head back to central Canada. Feels like I’m gonna drie off the end of the world LOL. Beautiful state y’all have there!

  5. Holy Cow were you actually driving the limit?! I am assuming you sped it up a bit. We have a few roads like that in clifty but they don’t last nearly as long as this one. This is certainly a break from listening to the guy burping and hiccuping behind me. I guess there’s always one in the group.

  6. Debbie – this was a week or so, pre-Steve. I had the camera mounted on my dash. That house you mention is very nice…It’s got a cool yard too!

    frugalmom – my people get carsick riding with me on these roads. All y’all are just too used to straight roads!

    Emily – I want that played at mine too..same reason!

    ETW – the funny thing is that we actually live pretty close in the city…I just work in KC so it’s the quickest way up on the hill from work. Anyhow, we love our view once we finally get to the top of our hill!

    tipper – it’s hard not to love that song. The words to My Home Among The Hills are pretty excellent…too bad I couldn’t get a clearer copy…anyhow, they both sort of give me chills…

    Granny Su – It is fun but you’re right…traffic can be a drag…but the views on the way to the top are excellent and worth it!

    powdergirl – sorry on the video…it seems like people with internet explorer in particular are having trouble with the video…several who have closed it and tried again have been ok…anyhow, I like to watch it still, even though I drive it every day.

    Loretta – The video was about 2x the limit…yeah, I sped it up 2x. It’s probably not even smart to drive the limit on that road cause it’s nuts…but fun to drive. We have a burper here too..sorry…

  7. Those look like Punxsutawney hills – glad to hear you speeded the video up some – otherwise I would have to drive on your hills like Todd drives on PA hills – WAY TOO FAST:)

  8. Holz represent!!! Awesome video! I grew up on East Ridge – slowly realized where you were driving as you went through those turns.. it was great feeling, thank you.

    Randomly found this googling the West Virginia Hills state song.

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