Going for Broke

Some friends had a birthday party for their kids at an “inflatables” place.  Basically, there is one big room full of inflatable Jupiter Jumps and slides and stuff like that.  The kids were having a great time for the most part…all except the smallest kids who couldn’t fit through “the Big Squeeze”, a tight spot in one of the inflatables.  Really, all they had to do was push their heads though and they would have been fine, but the little kids got stuck.

10_24_2009 023 10_24_2009 011

(at the top of the Wall of Doom)              (Ready to jump!)

10_24_2009 005

(Isaac going over the Wall)

You see, there was a big wall they slid down to get to that part and the “Big Squeeze” was the other direction.  One or two kids could easily be sacrificed and left in the Gully of Fear, but there got to be a backlog so I went in to hold the “Big Squeeze” open so they could get through.

10_24_2009 006

10_24_2009 007

10_24_2009 009

10_24_2009 015

Of course, I am a big stupid kid so I decided to continue playing on the inflatables.  Isaac and I raced through them, plowing down women and children as we went.  It was heap-big fun!  Of course, these things are really built for kid feet, not adult feet.  So, with my adult feet firmly attached, I plowed through one ride and met up with a kid-feet-size step to climb one of the walls.  My square-peg foot didn’t fit into the round-peg step and “the Legend of Warren (the goof-ball)” was born.

10_24_2009 046

(uh…girl…you have some cake on your face!)
10_24_2009 043

I hobbled my way through the rest of the maze, but I was pretty sure I had done damage.  Emily wasn’t around so I got 11 kids to carry me over to the party room where I could self-diagnose my torn up foot.  It might as well be broken…it’s blue and hurts like crazy.

Ok, enough about me…there was a party too and it was fun.  Happy birthday kiddos!

10_24_2009 008

(see…they even invited the crazy clown!)
10_24_2009 048
10_24_2009 049
(the injuries)

Do you ever forget to act your age?  Ever pay for it?

I suppose the Big Squeeze should be used as a public service announcement also…folks, don’t forget your mammograms.

8 thoughts on “Going for Broke

  1. Now the big question will be whether or not the “big kid” will go to the doctor and get his toe x-rayed. I know there is not much you can do for a toe fracture, but if it is really ugly they might have to do something beyond the “tape it to your other toe.”

  2. He he. Looks like you had more fun than the kids.

    I forget how old I am all the time. Like when I was wrestling in the floor with Lily this weekend. She is getting quite strong.

    Btw, Lily learned to ride her bike this weekend. I was so proud.

  3. My husband seems to forget how old he is quite often. He had our gokart on 2 wheels the other day and scared the bejeabers out of himself. He said he learned his lesson… I am not so sure, lol. He had it out the day after plowing through the field in the rain!
    .-= Mandie´s last blog ..Something wicked here at Whispering Dreams =-.

  4. Emily – if it gets to where it’s about to fall off…I’ll go to the doc

    Loretta – hard to believe! Seems like yesterday you were pregnant with her!

    YD – it’s all fun and games until the old man breaks his hip…I guess when I break a hip, then I will be an adult…until then, forget it!

    Mandie – no sense getting old and not having any stories to tell!

    Capri Kel – What’s the multiplier on your age? Just curious!

  5. Warren,
    I suppose since it was my kids party that I should be obligated to feel bad that you hurt your toe . . . but I just can’t bring myself to do it! haha. Just kidding. I do feel bad, but I’m glad you all still had such a good time, and you got a hilarious blog out of the deal! (Not to mention some Nerds!!)

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