We headed down to the Clay Center this weekend to check out the Lost Kingdoms of the Nile exhibit.  From their website…

“The Clay Center is one of only two venues in the entire nation afforded an opportunity to present this exhibition. From the largest Nubian collection outside of Khartoum, Sudan, the exhibition includes more than 200 objects from the royal tombs of el Kurru, Nuri, and Meroë which date from the Prehistoric Period to the Roman era (3100 BCE to 246 CE).”

It was really incredible and I am so excited that Charleston has such an opportunity to see priceless artifacts from “back when God was a kid”.  Unfortunately, we couldn’t take pictures in the exhibit so I got nuthin’ to show you.

10_18_2009 028

Outside, however, is another incredible object that I think Charleston is fortunate to possess.  The new sculpture called Hallelujah! by Albert Paley was installed just a few weeks ago at the Clay Center.  The McGee Foundation donated a bunch of money to add the 60 foot tall sculpture to the collection of the Center and I am so pleased that they did.

10_18_2009 027

The new piece has apparently met with mixed reviews.  In fact, when I first heard about it, I too thought, “Great, another pile of rusting metal in the city”, but I was wrong.  When we drove upon the Clay Center, it was striking.

10_18_2009 032

Sure, it’s rusty, but it is a beautiful piece and, when seen in person, is oddly moving to me.  Not moving in an “I’m about to cry” way, but in a “I’m huge and awesome” kind of way.  Come to think of it, it also feels like it is in motion… definitely moving!   Isaac critiqued it thus, “Dad, this is an awesome weapon…probably something the Transformers would use.”  Indeed.

10_18_2009 030

My pictures don’t really do the piece justice, especially with the gray background.  Even so, it’s a sight to behold.  So, what do you think of modern art in general?  Do you dislike it all or can you see awesomeness in some pieces?  Do you think it looks like a Transformer’s weapon or do you see something else?

8 thoughts on “Hallelujah!

  1. Ceecee – I think the one you mention is at a lake in Canaan Valley, WV. It’s a ski resort place in the winter but beautiful any time of year! Oh yeah, the pic changes every 10 minutes…

  2. Looked like some sort of rocket to me. Ready to launch. I can almost hear the count down. I agree with Isaac too though. Does look like something from transformers.

  3. I’m just not hip enough to ‘get’ most modern art. I do appreciate someone with that kind of vision and imagination to execute something quite so large and complicated though. Guess I need to get out more and see more modern art…

    BTW you comment on the bald head was perfect, something I had not considered…the kids wanted to know that I was cracking up about when I read it! Kim
    .-= the inadvertent farmer´s last blog ..Only a Real Man… =-.

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