Flight Lessons

A few years ago, we were feeling sort of goofy at the office so we decided to have a paper airplane flying contest around Thanksgiving.  Our office is on the top floor of our building so we have a lot of potential to fly a plane quite a distance.  At the time, we decided that the contest would be an annual tradition.  Three years later, we decided to have the 2nd annual paper airplane flying contest…

11_30_2009 002 11_30_2009 003

11_30_2009 004 11_30_2009 005

11_30_2009 006 11_30_2009 007

In the first contest, I had a superior design but was adversely affected by wind currents and unexpected air inversions.  My plane landed in a tree that grows right beside the building.  Another fella with a primitive design fly his plane nearly to the river…the Mississippi River that is.  Anyhow, a week or so ago, we decided to have a pre-contest practice run where I once again flew my superior design directly into the same dang tree.  The pre-contest drove me nuts…first place was won by the new girl in the office…again with a primitive design.  Second place was taken by another guy who threw a box lid off the roof.  You see, the only rule was that the plane had to contain some paper product.

11_30_2009 012

11_30_2009 016

11_30_2009 027

Since my superior design didn’t even really show for the fight…I mean flight, I declared the contest to be void.  We had the “real” contest on Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  This time, I decided I was absolutely going to win…I brought a special plane:

11_30_2009 017

11_30_2009 018

11_30_2009 019

Guess what…we had the trim on the control wrong and this plane flew right into the same dang tree…how can I lose with a powered plane?  Soon, that tree will meet its end!

11_30_2009 030 11_30_2009 031

11_30_2009 034

Anyhow, the box-lid thrower this time threw a roll of toilet paper off the roof…and it did very well.  I think next year I will go simple rather than superior!

9 thoughts on “Flight Lessons

  1. My favorite planes are the the box lid and TP roll. Turns out it’s the same dude! Points for originality and just being a perfect slacker. He thinks on his feet and can get things done in a pinch. Warren, I’m disappointed you didn’t think of such wondrous flying machines!
    .-= Ceecee´s last blog ..Here Comes the Sun =-.

  2. Are you telling me you could rig up anything? You made cider presses! I expect better from you next year! On a side note, sounds like you have a fun office. I work with 21 year old males. They would write curse words and obscene pictures all over their planes then catch them on fire before throwing them off the roof at someone on the ground.

  3. What a way to waste (I mean “spend”) an afternoon. I think you could incorporate different contests into other holidays also (pumpkin drop/throw, water balloon slings, etc.)

  4. I am a fan of the Box Lid/Toilet Paper Guy too!!!

    Wow, it sounds like you have a very fun office!

    I like Emily’s ideas! I would add a potato shooter contest, Frisbee Float, ball bounce, reindeer lobbing…..
    .-= Capri Kel´s last blog ..The Christmas Calendar =-.

  5. Oh heck yeah! I can definitely see a potato gun contest next year! That’s genius! Oh yeah, if we get a little carried away, can one of you come bail me out?

  6. Warren’s the contest king! (just ask him) the roof is perfect for launching snowballs, tomatoes, airplanes, etc. I’ve driven thru the lot with my sunroof open just to see if anyone can actually AIM with their snowballs. So far, I havnt needed my towel.

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