Trans-Siberian Orchestra

OH. MY. WORD!  This weekend we saw the Trans-Siberian Orchestra in concert in Charleston.  I have seen some pretty cool concerts but nothing compares to the concert these folks put on.  Their concert was full of light and lasers and fire and sound and fire and more fire!  It was the most visually overwhelming thing  I have ever seen!

11_06_2009 004

11_06_2009 009

11_06_2009 011

11_06_2009 017

Ok…back up…what is Trans-Siberian Orchestra for those of you who are uninitiated?  They term their musical style as Rock Opera…with Fire!  I really liked the fire!  We had pretty great seats close to the main stage but the performance really takes place all across the floor of the arena.  Snow fell from the sky and smoke rose from the floor (which had me concerned once I saw fire also come from the floor).

11_06_2009 021

11_06_2009 023

11_06_2009 027

11_06_2009 028

11_06_2009 037

There are lasers and light EVERYWHERE and the sound was just right…loud but not so loud that the audience lost the lyrics and music.  My ears were ringing for 24 hours afterwards which was also just right.  There are no bad seats for a Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert!

11_06_2009 051

11_06_2009 056

11_06_2009 069

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Before the performance started, a few members of the group came on stage and presented a check to Mountain Mission for their food drive.  It was a pretty great gesture and was received well by the crowd.  The concert started as a narrator began telling a story of a man he met who had a story of a child far from home on Christmas.  The narrator’s voice was deep and booming and gave me chills as he told his story.  The orchestra (which, by the way, had  WV strings players) played along with the electric guitars and an absolutely fantastic drummer.  The story was told in narration and song and was absolutely fantastic.



I can’t really say enough about this concert and my pictures surely don’t do it justice…it was amazing!  If you ever get a chance to see them, you MUST go!


8 thoughts on “Trans-Siberian Orchestra

  1. Wow. That sounds amazing. Next time they’re in town let me know. I’d love to see that.

  2. Wow- I have been dying to see them in concert! I met a sound engineer and a lighting director who have both worked for TSO- they said it is crazy amazing!! They will be here in San Jose, Ca in a couple weeks and I have been trying to convince my boyfriend to go! Your pics are great, btw!! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. YD and NorCalRN – Go if you can! Honestly, for the money I don’t think you’ll ever see a better show! I can’t even imagine the technology that it takes to run everything they run and I am a software engineer! You have to see them in concert. I plan to go every year for the rest of my life!

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